Wrightsville Beach Parking

.If you’re planning a vacation to Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina, you’ve chosen a wonderful location for your getaway. As you are figuring out the details for your trip, you might be wondering about where to park once you get to the beach. We wanted to breakdown the Wrightsville Beach Parking options for you. Our team compiled all you need to know about parking at Wrightsville Beach. This should help you breathe easy when you get there.

Wrightsville Beach Parking

Paid Parking

The good news is there are many places to park all along Wrightsville Beach. You should know, however, that all of it is paid parking. You’ll either pay by meter, at pay stations, or pay by phone. Make sure you have your phone with you. For convenience, you can pay by phone. However, in some locations there is no other option but to pay by phone. Pricing varies depending on the parking lot. For most of the metered beach parking, the price is $2.50 an hour or $17 for the full day. For a full list of all of the parking lots and the kind of payment required at those lots, please visit the Town of Wrightsville Beach website.

How to Pay for Parking at Wrightsville Beach – Video

Free Parking

If you are just going to the beach for a few minutes, you can park for free. Free parking is available at the Wrightsville Beach Park Parking Lot and the Town Hall Parking Lot. However, this free parking only lasts for the first two hours. Also, almost all of the paid parking is free during the off-season. So if you happen to be visiting outside of the March 1st- October 31st window you won’t have trouble finding free parking anywhere you please. Certain lots have shorter fee windows that will be specifically marked.

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