beach chairs

Are you getting ready for your next beach getaway and wondering what to bring to the beach? As you are packing your bags for your summer beach vacation, these 5 essentials will help make your trip easy and fun!

What to bring to the beach

1. Baby Powder

Did you know that baby powder helps remove sand from your skin? It’s true! Keep a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. Once you leave the beach, sprinkle some in your hands and use it to rub away the sand that is stuck to your legs, arms and feet. Plus, it’s very soothing on skin that’s been in the sun all day!

2. Fitted Sheet

Lay the fitted sheet upside down on the beach, and place items like your cooler, beach bags and buckets into the corners.  This will raise the edges of the sheet up from the sand keeping it from blowing onto your sheet. The items in the corners also help weigh the sheet down, keeping it in place. Any size sheet will work and crib sheets can be used under umbrellas to create shady, sand free spots for your baby.

3. Beach Cart

A beach cart with large plastic wheels will help to keep your trips back and forth to the car or your beach house to a minimum. They also provide an excellent place to store items you don’t want to set down in the sand.

4. Ziploc Baggies

Protect your cell phone from sand and from wet hands while still being able to use it with a ziploc bag! You won’t have to miss taking photos or turning up your favorite song while you’re enjoying the sun and waves.

5. Spray Bottles

Keep some spray bottles in your cooler. Fill them halfway and freeze the night before for an instant cool down on the hottest days. The cool mist helps soothe your sun-kissed skin and can also help keep the wind from damaging your sand castles.

What essentials do you always take to the beach?