Virginia Beach vs Kitty Hawk

Where are you going on your next beach vacation? In this article we compare Virginia Beach vs Kitty Hawk. Virginia Beach and Kitty Hawk Beach are both good destinations when planning a vacation. But which one should you choose? We review some fun information about each to help you plan a day at the beach!

Virginia Beach vs Kitty Hawk

Virginia Beach, VA

Our first beach, Virginia Beach is located in a city with the same name – Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a tourist location, the area has a variety of local shops, restaurants, and hotels. Soft sand and moderate waves make this a popular beach, especially during the summer. It can get crowded at times; but you can be sure to find a good spot somewhere along the magnificent, three mile coastline.

Parking can be difficult to find; so you may want to arrive early in the day to get a good spot. But everything is within walking distance.

Hotels are much easier to find here, although pricey during the summer months. From well-known hotels, such as Holiday Inn, to local inns, such as The Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast, there are many options for a budget-friendly vacation!

Restaurants in the area range from fine dining to popular, fast-food establishments. From the Terrapin Restaurant to a local McDonald’s, the area provides a large variety of dining options for everyone!

Kitty Hawk Beach, NC

Kitty Hawk Beach (also known as the Kitty Hawk Public Beach) is located in a city with the same name as well – Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Although it is lesser-known, the Kitty Hawk Beach is similar in size to Virginia Beach. Instead of many hotels surrounding the area, there are vacation homes; a few, local restaurants; and a couple of gift shops. The beach is usually not as crowded as compared to other beaches. Compared to Virginia Beach, the sand is a little more coarse. However, the waves are not as harsh.

There are public parking lots located in several areas, which make it easier to park. Everything is not within walking distance, but anything not within walking distance is only a short drive away!

Few hotels, are located directly on or within walking distance to the beach. Some of these hotels include the Hilton Garden Inn and the Baymont by Wyndham. As previously mentioned, there are more vacation homes than hotels. Beach Realty & Construction is just one of the many vacation home companies that have a variety of options for any individual’s needs.

Dining options near the beach range from fine dining, like the Ocean Boulevard Bistro, to family-friendly eateries, such as Stack’em High Pancakes. Restaurants that are even closer to the beach are fast-food establishments, like Wendy’s.


Overall, these are amazingly beautiful beaches. It can be a difficult decision to choose which one is right for you. But if you enjoy quiet, relaxing days, Kitty Hawk Beach would be the way to go! Ultimately, the choice is yours. So why not have some fun with a day at the beach?