Venice Beach Basketball

As one of the most popular beaches in California, Venice Beach has something to offer everyone. According to the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, over ten million people visit Venice Beach and its boardwalk each year. Not all those visitors are coming for the sand and surf, though. You will find a number of other activities and facilities along the two-mile boardwalk, including some of the most famous basketball courts in the world. Here’s your guide to the Venice Beach basketball courts.

Venice Beach Basketball

Located north of the Venice Beach Pier, the basketball courts are surrounded by other facilities and centrally located on the beach. These courts have been featured in a number of Hollywood films, including White Men Can’t Jump and American History X. Four full-size courts are available for public use, including the famous blue court.

You can expect pickup games to take place throughout the day. The Venice Beach Basketball League also uses these courts for regular games, practice, and summer camps. This is still a popular location to shoot movies. You may encounter a film crew on the courts while you’re playing ball.

Don’t worry if you forgot to bring your ball. Basketballs are available to rent for free at the Recreation & Parks office with a valid photo I.D. Adjacent to the courts you’ll find the office.

Located just south of the basketball courts is a large parking garage. You will find this parking lot just past the tennis courts. The fee for parking in this lot varies depending on the season. If you don’t have cash you can pay by credit card. Additional parking is available throughout the city, including next to the Venice Beach Pier. The nearest parking lots fill up quickly, so plan on arriving early if you want a good spot.

If you enjoy basketball and find yourself near Venice Beach, you owe it to yourself to visit some of the most famous courts around. Play some pickup ball, watch a game, or just have a look around. You never know who you might see on the court.