Car parked on beach

Heading to the beach but worried about where to find parking? For your safety (and the safety of your vehicle), it is important to adhere to the laws and designated parking spaces Topsail Beach provides for its visitors. Let us be your guide to Topsail Beach, NC parking.

In Topsail Beach, North Carolina there are three major parking areas, and several other public accesses available for free to the public.

Four places to park

  1. There is a paved parking lot located at the end of River Road near the end of New River Inlet. This lot has approximately 30 parking spots. Although this is an ideal parking spot (free and paved- keeping dust and gravel off your car) it is not an ideal space to swim. If you park here, prepare to walk to a safe zone. The currents at New River Inlet are extremely strong.
  2. Near the Town Hall (just around the corner and located on a conveniently paved trail) there is a gravel parking lot called,“Jeffries Parking Lot”. It is available for free public parking and now offers close to 300 parking spaces!
  3. A small parking lot which has fourteen paved parking spots available to the public is located at: 3623 Island Drive.
  4. Across from Roger’s Bay Campground there is a parking lot with close to 90 parking spaces available for public use.

Wherever you decide to park, be sure that it is a designated parking area. This will ensure the safety of yourself and others in the beach community. Finding a good parking place might take a few tries. However, it will be worth it to know that your car is safely and legally parked!