Pakistan has limitless options when it comes to enjoying coastlines. Every now and then, an island or beach is discovered which was hiding from explorers for long. This is especially true about the Balochistan region. There are so many incredible destinations which are either wholly hidden from wander lusters or not widely known.

We have prepared a list of a few beaches, both little known and unknown. We believe these beaches have the full potential to become tourist hotspots, and you should get to know them.

We have described each option in detail to help you decide which one of these are worth your time. So, let’s discover the unknown beaches of Balochistan.   

Sapat Bandar Beach

Head over to Sapat if you want to discover some astounding marvels of nature. Sapat Beach stretching along the Makran Coast is probably one of the most unexplored, undiscovered beach destinations in the world. Undiscovered until 2017, Sapat Bandar was located by a group of bikers by happenstance. 

Why Sapat?

Sapat’s primary attraction is the iconic Buji Koh. Buji Koh is a rock structure standing in solitude between the Arabian Sea and the beach’s sandy shores – which no one really knows how it emerged on the scene.  

Buji Koh is what sets Sapat apart from its contemporaries. Buji is the reason Sapat Bandar is held in so much awe by those who have had a chance to explore it.

The panorama of Buji Koh is spectacular. Standing all alone like a king with an army of rocks standing on its side as subjects, Buji paints a stunning picture of nature’s beauty.

Some of these rocks are caved. If you are curious for the world, step inside one of the caves and find out the secrets they’ve been hiding. 

Wildlife roams around freely. At Sapat, you will particularly observe an array of crabs which also sometimes walk to the sandy shores of the beach. If you adore seafood, the abundance of crabs will make for a good, hearty seafood dinner.

Apart from rocky hills, hidden caves, and sand dunes, Sapat holds another attraction that may make you go wild with joy. This is one of the rarest destinations where you can find bioluminescence in action. Bioluminescence is the light emitted by a living organism.

If you didn’t know, certain organisms could glow in the dark. Not every day is a bioluminescent carnival here, but somedays, nature conspires to create this mind-blowing light show. And who knows, when you visit, your luck may favor.

When to Sapat?

There are no hotels/resorts around (lack of infrastructure at its play again), so you will have to set up a camp. Winter is the best for beach activities at Sapat; hence, we recommend that you plan a winter beach retreat. Rainy seasons are strictly not recommended, as rains flood the routes to the beach.      

Some Beach Bummers

Since every good thing comes with a price, Sapat is no exception. Beware, the road to your destination will be bumpy, you will crave for WIFI, and will probably feel isolated. Lack of infrastructure and development are the bummers here. But, the picturesque scenery, the soothing calm, and especially, the mysterious Buji Koh are worth the effort.

Or, if you seriously want to make things easier, join a tour group to keep you company and feel safe; this is the most reliable way to get to Sapat.  Many tour groups from Karachi frequent trips to Balochistan’s beaches including Sapat.

Gadani Beach

This sunny beach gets its name from Gadani, a coastal village in Las Bela district of which this beach is a prominent part. Located in Las Bela district, Balochistan, Gadani lies just an-hour of a drive away from Karachi.

Why Gadani?

One of Balochistan’s primary picnic spots, Gadani is usually brimming with picnickers and picnic opportunities. Many picnic spots are spread out across the entire beach. If a picnic site overfills, you can always find another place for yourself and your group. Summer is more like an official picnic season of Gadani.

There are many huts available for picnickers to enjoy a nice meal under the shade. Also, this beach is not isolated like most Balochistan beaches. So, you can also find food stalls, horse riding opportunities, and chances to boat and surf. The vibes of Gadani are very much similar to Karachi’s beaches. It is vibrant, the ambiance is energetic, and a bit crowded during peak hours.  

Apart from picnicking opportunities, you will find a lot of aquatic life to explore. Also, the sea is excellent for swimming –so, if you love the sport, get ready for a nice dive.

The convenient location of this beach makes it a tourist hotspot. Just an hour away from Karachi, it welcomes beach lovers from Both Karachi and parts of Balochistan.

Unlike some beaches of the Balochistan region, camping is not the only option for Gadani when it comes to overnight lodgings. You will be able to find decent options (hotels, motels, guest houses) easily, a short distance away. And the best is yet to come.

Did you know you can also enjoy five-star luxuries while surfing at Gadani? Pearl Continental, one of Pakistan’s leading five-star hotel chains, can be found less than thirty-minutes away (via car).     

The seascape is also very impressive. The blue waters, the sand grains, and the coastal cliffs reflecting the golden rays of the sun is a sight to behold. 

When to Gadani?

Since it is a summer picnic hot-spot, we recommend you give this place a shot during the summers to see how your picnic goes. And when you do so, don’t forget to be generous with your sunscreen because the sun can be a bit harsh. 

Some Beach Bummers

Gadani is the hub of Pakistan’s ship-breaking industry which is alarmingly causing land and sea pollution. Ship-breaking has also disrupted the natural calm that initially surrounded the place.

Gadani is not perfect, but it is surely worth at least a one-time trip. The availability of facilities around, excellent road conditions, a five-star hotel, and its restaurants make it deserving of a chance. The availability of an international airport gives it a clear edge over other available, mostly desolate beaches. 

Gwadar Beach:

Gwadar, the rising economic hub of Pakistan, nestles a multitude of beaches, each featuring impressive wind formations, rich hues of blue and green visible in the Arabian Sea, and diverse aquatic life forms. One of these is Gwadar’s namesake beach well-known among the local tourists for upholding the inherent beauty of Balochistan. Giant rocks surround the beach from all corners, and large fishing boats can be seen circling on the water surface most of the time.

Why Gwadar? 

Gwadar Beach is special in many ways; being a part of Gwadar is one of these. Gwadar is one of the three port cities of Pakistan and the most important of them all in terms of economic and strategic benefits. By being at this beach, you can get a feel of why Gwadar matters so much to Pakistan. The harbors and the ships speak volumes of its strategic significance.

The city of Gwadar also holds some points of interests besides Gwadar Beach. When you go to hit the beach, also take some time to look beyond it. The site of Zalzala Koh isn’t much far from the beach. Zalzala Koh, also known as the Earth Quake Mountain, emerged as a seismic activity of the 8th October 2008 earthquake in Pakistan. The mountain was pushed entirely by the mud volcanoes. Unfortunately, the mountain has disappeared from the scene, but still contains an aura of mystery. If you are intrigued by this bizarre act of nature and wish to learn more, do visit Zalzala Koh. It is less than an hour away from Gwadar beach and can be easily be integrated into your itinerary.

Or, spend some time at the East Bay Park sitting next to the beach. Other points of interests include Sur Mud Volcanoes and Akara National Park.  

The availability of five-star hotels, luxury resorts, and fancy eateries is an added benefit.

When to Gwadar?

December to March are the best to hit Gwadar since it gets excruciatingly hot during the summers. Access to the beach can be made via road and air. From Karachi, you can reach Gwadar via Makran Coastal Highway. The route is amazingly scenic, but the journey takes long (up to eight hours).

If you wish to fly to Gwadar, domestic flight operates from cities like Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Lahore every day. You can also opt for an international flight from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Qatar, Doha, Dubai, Bahrain, Mashhad, Bahrain, Muscat, and Kuwait, etc.   

Some Beach Bummers

If you plan to take a road trip to Gwadar, it may seem forever to get there. Since Gwadar is one of the farthest from Karachi, the journey seems to go on forever. But we guarantee whatever it may be, it is not boresome. You may feel tired. Yeah, maybe. But bored? Not at all.

On your way to Gwadar, you will pass many small beaches like Sonmiani, Kund Malir, and many other beaches of Ormara region. You will witness the enormous mountains of the Makran Range and the mud volcanoes of Chandragupta.  

We have reached the end of our list. Did any of the above Balochistan beaches capture your interest? Which one do you plan or wish to visit?