Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island On a Budget
North Carolina, Outer Banks

A Week in Rodanthe: Hatteras Island on a Budget

I’m one of the lucky ones who live within a day’s drive of the ocean. Our country’s east coast provides some fabulous beaches, but my favorite are the ones on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, especially Hatteras Island. We vacation there often and always try to stay conscious of how we can vacation in Hatteras Island on a budget. This is how we made this year’s trip a budget-friendly success!

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places to go on hatteras island
North Carolina, Sandy's Shores

Places to go on Hatteras Island

Nothing can put a damper on your beach day like the headaches and hassles of locating a good spot for the day. Whether you have gear to carry or 3 kids and the family dog in tow, you don’t want to have to walk a mile and a half just to stake out your spot in the sand. Never fear dear readers; on my most recent trip to the Outer Banks, I found some great spots for free! Here’s my guide to the places to go on Hatteras Island.

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