BBQ at Huntington Beach
California, Huntington Beach

Can You BBQ at Huntington Beach?

Spending the entire day at the beach can be a great way to soak in the sun and surf spray. Whether it’s a once-a-year family vacation or just a quick weekend getaway, there’s nothing quite like getting to lounge and splash your way through a whole day. If you’re going to put in the hours, though, you’re going to get hungry. BBQing can be an excellent way to extend your beach time and add to the festivities. But, can you host a BBQ at Huntington Beach?

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b. candy photo
California, Huntington Beach, Sandy's Shores

The Famous Huntington Beach Candy Store—B. Candy

Huntington Beach isn’t just a place where people love to come to surf or spend a day at the beach with their toes in the sand and splashing in the waves. Huntington Beach is also loved by many for the shopping and dining experiences. And for children and anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for the nostalgic, something that makes Huntington Beach special is the unique candy shop—B. Candy.

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John Wayne Airport Terminal
California, Huntington Beach

John Wayne Airport – Most Convenient Airport for Huntington Beach

If you are planning a trip to Huntington Beach, California, you have several options when choosing an airport to fly in and out of. The airport that is closest and easiest to commute to and from, however, is John Wayne Airport (JWA) in Orange County. Four major US airlines: American, Delta, Southwest, and United, as well as several smaller airlines: Alaska, Frontier, and WestJet all offer flights from JWA. From JWA, Huntington Beach is approximately 11 miles east (or a 25-minute drive) if taking the fastest route per Google Maps. Several types of transportation are offered to and from JWA including multiple cab companies, shuttle services, rental cars, buses and trains, limousines, and private services such as Uber, Lyft, and Wingz. As always, check with your hotel to determine whether they have shuttle service to and from the airport.

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Surfing Mavericks
California, Ocean Adventures, Sandy's Shores

A Ride on the Wild Side: Surfing California’s Infamous Mavericks

Even if you’ve never seen a 30-foot wave in person, a furious wall of water nipping at the sky in its impatience to greet you, the thought – the mere image that your mind is likely conjuring up right now – is enough to strike fear and excitement in the heart of even the wiliest thrill-seekers. So to live it, to experience it first-hand, and to come out the other side? My time spent surfing the waves at Mavericks, waves which are typically over 20 feet but can reach heights triple that size, is a time I will never once forget or take for granted.

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