Beach towels hanging by ocean

Beach towels are no longer a boring, rectangular, and tricolor accessory! Remember when towels and sandals were an afterthought? Remembers family picnics with sandwiches, Polaroids, and ice cream cones more than the beach towels themselves?

Well, as one matures and begins their own treks the beach away from the family unit, there’s a whole other set of what constitutes as essential seashore accessories. These days, beach towels reflect one’s personal style and what one seeks from nature. There are several types of on-trend towels for pairing with their vacation ensembles, such as circular and yogi towels. Let’s talk about some of the best stylish beach towels.

Stylish Beach Towel Options

Bohemian, Circular, and Chiffon Towels

One new design worth investigating is a circular towel, an innovation on the boring, old, and rectangular beach mat. The non-traditional shape of the towel promotes invigorating and open experiences for beachgoers. A towel in the shape of a circle gives one more room for spreading out and enjoying the scenery without worrying about getting caught in the sand. Circular towels come in a variety of designs like the mandala and other chic bohemian patterns. This is why some prefer using circular towels over tables, or as wall-hangings when not in use at the beach.

Yogi Meditational Towels

Much like circular towels, another design in the forefront of catalogs is the meditational towel. Long before the customized and shiny yogi mats, practicing yogis historically used these towels as part of their meditational practices. Yogi beach towels contain meditational and symbolic elements from Hinduism and other practices.

When it comes to shopping for beach towels, keep these two designs in mind for making memorable statements.