South Beach vs Miami Beach

Miami is the paradise of beach nomads the world over! A must on every sandy bucket list, there are plenty of ways to soak up the sun in beautiful Florida. Is the energy and life of South Beach for you? Or is a resort getaway at Miami Beach more your speed? Find out Where to Stay and Where to Play at South Beach and Miami Beach.

South Beach Sunshine

My first trip to SoBe was a sensory overload in the best way! Nightlife abounds in every direction, much like a tropical Vegas. SoBe is the perfect spot for friends, couples, and solo travelers ready to party from sunlight to sundown. A few of my favorite clubs include the artsy, underground lounge, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, and the classic, show stopping, Mango’s Tropical Cafe. Mango’s is a must for New Years getaways, with seasonal shows, drinks, and more!

The best part of staying in SoBe is the convenience. Shopping outlets, dining, and entertainment are all within easy walking distance. Getting from place to place is never boring as visitors will enjoy soaking in SoBe’s distinct architecture and style. Colorful, art deco facades abound. I’ve found that lodging is somewhat cheaper in SoBe, depending on the time of year. The beaches are always lively and the music never ends!

SoBe’s best qualities are also some of the drawbacks. It’s a fairly loud area at all hours of the night, which can make sleeping off last night’s martini a bit rough. The beaches are crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons like Spring Break. There are also limited convenience stores. We found ourselves eating out almost every night, making up for money we saved on the hotel.

Miami Vibes

Staying at Miami Beach is one of my favorite getaways. Miami Beach has everything — surf, sun, and amazing Latin cuisine. On my first visit, we enjoyed the most amazing Colombian food at La Ventana. It’s also a great beach to try surfing for the first time. There are quite a few places to take lessons and rent boards for a day on the waves.

Overall, Miami Beach has that relaxed, beach bum vibe that SoBe lacks. Spas and resorts can be found on every corner. Miami Beach also offers more options for families and is less of a chaotic, party scene than SoBe. If I had to do over again, I’d stay in Miami and take the short Uber ride over to SoBe for clubbing, shopping, and exploring. The hotels may be slightly more expensive, but it’s well worth a good night’s sleep!

So which beach fits your idea of paradise? Let us know!