boat on the water


When preparing for a day out on the water, you want to make sure that you´re well prepared. Obviously, what you bring along will depend on where you are and what type of boat you´ll be on. Whaling in the Arctic Sea is a lot different than sailing in the Mediterranean.  Nonetheless, there are a few pieces of gear that you will need no matter where you´re at. In this short article, we look at the seven most important things you will want to bring a long for a great day (or week, or month) on the water.

A Quality Cooler

Obviously, one of the most important pieces of gear for any boating trip is a quality cooler. Whether you are fishing and want to keep your catch cold until dinner or simply want some cold beverages to keep you refreshed while on the lake, a good cooler goes a long way. While you could opt for a cheap, Styrofoam cooler that you purchase at the nearest gas station, investing in a top-quality cooler will allow you to keep ice for several days. Some of the top coolers on the market today are virtually indestructible, meaning that you will be making a one-time investment for a lifetime. For a complete rundown on the best coolers out there, check out this best cooler guide from

Waterproof Camera

You will obviously want to capture those memorable moments while out boating. However, bringing along that new, $500-dollar camera might not be the greatest of ideas. Investing in a quality waterproof camera will allow you to capture everything from your first time on water skis to the first marlin your son catches while not worrying about ruining your camera.

Crystallized Ginger

For those of us without our sailor legs, nothing can be worse than being seasick during a daylong trip. While you can take some motion sickness over the counter drugs, these are sure to knock you out pretty quickly. Crystallized ginger is a natural medicine for motion sickness that doesn’t leave you drowsy.

Rain Gear

Storms can come quickly while on the water and unless your boat has a roofed protection, bringing along a heavy poncho and some rubber boots will allow you to enjoy the time on the water even when it´s raining.

Wide Brimmed Hat

It is easy to get a pretty heavy sunburn while on the water, especially if you´re getting wet in order to keep cool. Along with some high SPF sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat will keep you from getting a pretty nasty sunburn as well.

A Cell Phone or Marine Radio

Getting stranded at sea (or on the lake) can be no fun, and it´s always good to travel prepared. Make sure that you have a working and charged cell phone with you at all times to call someone in case the motor of your boat breaks down. If you´re headed out deep sea fishing where cell phone coverage is non-existent, make sure to take along a marine radio.

An Extra Pair of Clothes

Lastly, it´s always nice to stay warm, especially when you´re headed back to shore in the late afternoon after a fun day. Being able to dry off and change into dry pair of clothes will make sure that you can enjoy those last minutes on the water without shivering all the way home.