Beach Towels

It might seem like a no-brainer to just spread your towel on the sand and go jump in the ocean. But think twice before taking your most important beach tool for granted. Your towel was designed with two distinct sides and purposes. Knowing how to properly use and care for your towel will make your beach trips easier and extend the life of your linens.

One side of your towel is soft and comfy. This side is the positive image side. The design may appear more vibrant or shiny and it will feel smooth to the touch. The other side of your towel features the negative image. It is often dull compared to the front and it feels looped and spongy. This surface is better able to collect moisture. Follow these guidelines to get the best function from your towel.

Beach Towel Guidelines:

  • Rather than putting your towel directly onto the beach, drape it over a chair to keep the sand from getting caught in the weave. Place the towel with the vibrant, pattern-positive side up for a soft and comfortable sitting surface.
  • When drying off, use the negative side against your skin. The back of your towel has moisture wicking loops specifically designed to pull the water away from your body.
  • Don’t bother trying to remove sand from a wet towel. When leaving the beach, fold or roll the towel into a tight bundle and hang it outside to dry completely before shaking it out. Sand sticks to moisture so washing a wet towel can damage your washing machine and cause undue wear on your laundry.

With proper care and maintenance, your beach towels can last a lifetime and serve you well from season to season. Buy a few quality towels with light colors and patterns to prevent the attraction of heat and treat them properly to save money in the long run.