Romance at the beach

Long days at work, household responsibilities, taking care of the kids, and the stress of everyday life can take its toll on relationships. Maybe a chance to rekindle your romance at the beach is just what you need! One of the best ways that couples can help rekindle that spark is by taking a little getaway. Reconnect by removing yourselves from the daily grind to spend a little one on one time together. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more idyllic locale for a lovers’ getaway than the beach. Here are some great ideas to help you reignite the spark on your very own romantic ocean side retreat.

Rekindle your Romance at the Beach

Choosing Your Destination

With so many options for fabulous beach destinations, here are a few ideas to help you narrow it down. Think about these when deciding where you might like to spend some QT with your sweetie.

  • Somewhere Significant: Maybe you honeymooned on a particular beach and would like to return or a beach you got engaged on.
  • Explore A New Destination: Is there a beach the two have you have always talked about visiting and haven’t yet? Life is short and your relationship is worth it. Go for it!
  • Sharing Your Past: Perhaps you have fond memories of a beach trip with your family. Share that beautiful place with your partner and make some new memories while you’re at it.
  • Quick & Convenient: If time or money are obstacles for a dream getaway, don’t put it off altogether. Research the nearest beach or where you can get the best deals on airfare. A weekend jaunt can be just as fulfilling as a full week away. Remember that it’s about quality, not quantity.

Make It A Date

You have the opportunity to treat this vacation as one big date, or perhaps a few different mini-dates. You may have been together for years, but you do remember how to act on a date. Yes, this is the same person you have arguments over how to load the dishwasher with, but it’s also the love of your life. Follow these helpful tips for a successful date night with your spouse.

  • Act The Part: Get dressed up one night for dinner. It is the beach, after all, so think flowing sundress with cute sandals and fun jewelry for her and linen pants with a short sleeve collared shirt for him.
  • Minimize Screen Time: Put the phones away for a while. Take some time to enjoy your partner and really be present in the moment. Don’t let technology be a distraction from the experience.
  • Engage in Conversation: Sure, you talk every day, but a lot of it is about when the car insurance is due, reminders about a rescheduled Dr’s appointment or debating over who is picking up the kids from soccer practice. This is an opportunity to reminisce over fond memories and talk about your dreams for the future.
  • Try Something New: Maybe for you that’s eating at a raw bar or going parasailing together. Trying new activities as a couple can be exciting and rewarding.


Enjoy Romantic Opportunities

So you’ve picked the ideal destination and brushed up on dating etiquette. Any great excursion requires a little bit of planning and romance can sometimes use a little nudge. Here a great list of activities & ideas that might add some fuel to your fire.

  • Take a moonlit stroll down the beach, hand in hand.
  • Book a sunset cruise or sail.
  • Go out for ice cream and share a big sundae.
  • Hit a happy hour at your favorite beachside tiki bar.
  • Pack some lingerie and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign to good use.
  • Get competitive and make a fun or sexy bet with your partner. Challenge them to a round of miniature golf, skeeball, or other boardwalk game.
  • Book a spa treatment to enjoy together, like a couple’s massage.


After reigniting your passion and deepening your connection on this little getaway, you can take it home. I recommend buying a small souvenir from your trip and keeping it out somewhere you both can see it. Not only can it be a great memento of a special time together, but serve as a reminder to put the care & effort into your relationship that it deserves. For more helpful tips, join our newsletter or contact Sandy Saltwater.

I hope this blog helps spark some ideas as you grow in your relationship and rekindle your romance at the beach.