sandals and beach towel at beach

Ah, the beach. You’ve unloaded the car, picked the perfect spot, and put sunscreen on the kids. You’re unpacking your beach bag full of essentials, and pull out… well, it looks like a towel from your grandmother’s linen closet.

Total beach bummer.

Although you bought it brand-new just for this trip, and the size is alright, that’s about all it’s got going for it. The weave is thin enough the sand goes right through it. The color started to bleed as soon as you tried to dry off with it, and it doesn’t seem to soak up water as well as it should. Even worse, it’s scratchy – drying off with a laundry sheet would be more comfortable.

Well, this bad beach towel doesn’t have to be yours! Here at Sandy Saltwater, we know just what to look for in quality beach towels to have a luxurious and picture-perfect day at the beach, and we’re happy to pass on our pearls of knowledge (get it? ‘Pearls’ of knowledge? Pearls are found at the beach? Oh, forget it).

Finding quality beach towels

Grabbing just any old towel out of the closet or off the shelf at the store will never do. You’re looking for an experience. The first thing is material, preferably cotton. Though microfiber has some things going for it, it just doesn’t feel like 100% cotton. You also want to look for a high GSM (grams per square meter). The average beach towel has around 400 GSM, and we know how thin those are. The higher the number, the fluffier, denser, and more absorbent it’s going to be. Another thing is size – while ‘beach towel’ has become a ‘size’ understanding of its’ own, they do come with measurements and bigger is always better.

Finally, do you like how it looks? While this may seem to be a strange question when we’ve been focusing on how it feels, it is still very important. Do you want something classy? Something vibrant and wild? Something low-key that won’t draw attention so you can read your book in peace? Aesthetics can play an important part in your beach experience, depending on what your goal for the day is, so don’t overlook it!

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