Round Beach Towels

This summer brought an onslaught of trendy round beach towels to east and west coast destinations. Prized for their unique shape and large size, many shoppers purchased these fad towels without considering their practicality.


On the plus side, round beach towels offer more seating space for those that spread their towels like blankets on the sand. If you use an umbrella at the beach, you can maximize shady space with a round towel. And round towels stand out from the crowd when you are returning from a swim to your spot on the beach.


But there are problems with round beach towels that you should consider before making a purchase. Folding, unfurling, and spreading a round towel is a much more tedious process than dealing with a standard rectangle. And without four corners to pin down, every edge of a round beach towel is susceptible to wind and these dreamy looking oases are often turned up and covered in sand whilst their rectangular counterparts are functioning perfectly.

Finally, round beach towels do not drape across the body properly. Using them to dry or cover yourself is a cumbersome ordeal. Although these trendy towels are alluring to the eye, consider their impracticality before investing in such a fad item. When shopping for a quality beach towel or blanket, look for a large rectangle and buy more than one for added space. Choose towels with a clear back and front. One side should be soft and bright while the reverse should feel fuzzy and absorbent like terry cloth. A quality beach towel will last a long time and is unlikely to be improved upon by seasonal trends.