Places to go in Venice Beach

Finding the perfect spot for a beach vacation in California can be difficult. There are so many great options! Southern California has multiple great cities to visit, but which is the best to fit you? Do you want a beach with stores to shop, or do you want to just relax in the sun? Maybe you enjoy experiencing all the good food on vacation? If you love all these things and more, then Venice Beach is the beach for you!

Where to Shop

I love to shop at every new destination I go to, as you get an insight of the people who live there! Shopping in Venice is so easy and accessible, just walk straight off the beach and into a shop. I bought a new shirt on my vacations to help remember all the fun I had on the trip. All I had to do was walk into a small shop and they helped me customize a shirt with the design I liked! I also love shoes, so I continued down the boardwalk and within minutes I was walking out of a store with a new pair of shoes for an unbeatable price! I was in for a surprise when I stumbled upon a great vendor flea market full of artists selling handmade goods! The list goes on for all the products found on the Venice Boardwalk that will guarantee you never run out of things to look for.

Where to see & do things

If you enjoy outdoor activities and sports, then nowhere can compete with Venice Beach! We bicycled down the boardwalk, seeing some basketball players warming up for a game on the court. As we continued down the boardwalk we stopped to watch the skateboarders at the skate park show off some moves. We even got to see some bodybuilders working out right on the beach. One thing that is a must-see is the boardwalk street performers. They interact with the crowd doing backflips and tricks to impress all who stop to watch. Walking on the long, sandy beach down into the water was the simplest part of the trip, but it still was my favorite.

Where to eat

Going on vacation is a great excuse to get to eat all the delicious food you could want. Lucky for you, Venice Beach is full of great food! Straight off the beach, beside the Venice Beach Pier, is a small joint called the Venice Whaler. It’s small in stature but huge in flavor! We ordered a burger and fries, a staple in American culture. While we were eating our food Nick Liberato, the chef/co-owner, came to chat with us, sharing some stories about his travels around the globe. The small, yet quaint restaurant gets a 5-star review from my husband and I. There’s one last unforgettable spot to talk about, Abbot Kinney. Abbot Kinney is a small boulevard packed full of flavors and fashion! Lined with great clothing shops for all types of wardrobes and just as many food spots! My husband and I try pizza in every vacation spot we go to, and Abbot’s Pizza was by far one of the greatest spots we’ve been. They sell by the slice, though the slices are huge, or full pizza pie to be customized to your liking. Then you can take your order outside and eat at the window.

There are too many great things about Venice Beach to list so travel there and experience all the great things for yourself!