Sandy Saltwater Beach Towel

You are planning your next beach vacation and packing your things up for the whole family, you may find your towels are lacking a little pizzaz. Not only that, but if you have children you know how they can fight over things that are perfectly identical. Well, end any confusion of which towel belongs to each person and personalize them with a little heat press action.

If you have been wondering, “can you heat press beach towels?”, the answer is, “yes!” Heat pressing is the process of putting a decal on fabric using a heat press. This is the way many t-shirt shops put designs on their shirts. And if you have access to a heat press, you can do this too with your beach towels.

How do I personalize my towels?

Heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, allows you to personalize most anything. If you don’t have a heat press, HTV allows you to heat transfer designs or text with even a household iron. You simply buy the HTV in whichever color you want and use a tool (either a high-tech tool you can buy or a low-tech tool like an X-Acto knife) to cut out the design. Then you can use a heat press or an iron to set the design. The make-up of HTV allows it to stay on the towel for wash after wash. To find out more about personalizing towels with HTV, check out this blog post from heat press manufacturer, Siser.

Captivating towels, suggestions from Sandy Saltwater

At Sandy Saltwater, we recommend you watch this video to learn more about heat pressing your beach towel. We love the new trend of round beach towels. Why not get a round yoga mat towel and heat press your personal mantra on it? The possibilities are endless.

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