Myrtle Beach on a Budget

For the past two years, my husband and I have traveled to beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our yearly beach vacation. We are always adamant about choosing a budget and sticking with it, and this year’s budget was $1,000 that we had slowly put aside into savings each paycheck. In total, the cost of our vacation was $850- under budget! Best of all, we didn’t sacrifice a quality vacation to stay under budget. Here’s how we managed a vacation in Myrtle Beach on a budget.

Myrtle Beach on a Budget


Last year, my brother was kind enough to purchase our week stay at Myrtle Beach Resort 5 Seasons through a company called Travel Advantage Network, which is a vacation wholesale program, as a wedding gift.  We loved the location and all the amenities the resort included so much that we decided to stay there again this year for our first-anniversary trip! We purchased the package again through TAN and spent $500 for the week. That $500 included a two bed, two bath condo with a full kitchen complete with a dishwasher. The best part is we were in walking distance to the beach, not to mention the 6 pools, 6 tennis courts, a lazy river, and 3 health spas with steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs!


After taking into consideration the amount of money we put into the resort, we decided that the least expensive way for us to travel for our vacation was driving. We spent only $60 filling up on gas twice- once on the way there, and once on the way back!


In an attempt to save more money on this year’s trip, we made the decision to put more towards groceries. We also limited the number of times we ate out. One of our staples on a beach trip is to indulge at a seafood buffet, which we did at Crabby Mike’s.  The only other place we ate out, excluding fast food during travel, was at a quaint pizza restaurant called Lazer’s Pizza we discovered during our honeymoon last year. All together, we spent a total of $110 on food/restaurants.


My husband and I are definitely beach bums. Aside from enjoying the beach and resort amenities, we typically don’t do much other than relaxing in our room. However, we did enjoy a day at Myrtle Waves Water Park which cost us $55 and was a lot of fun!

Miscellaneous Expenses

To spend less money on restaurants, we set aside $100 for groceries for the week. This $100 also included beach chairs and sunscreen. Unfortunately, we completely forgot to bring both. The good news was that the sunscreen to lasted the entire week. At the seafood buffet, we spent an additional $25 on a photograph souvenir to take home with us! Luckily, because of the location of the resort, we didn’t need to pay for any parking throughout the entire week.

Final thoughts

All in all, we had another great beach vacation! The best part is that our trip came in under budget. We still have money left over for next year’s trip. For more information on everything about the beach, check out this guide book on Myrtle Beach!