Kure Beach Parking

Most people love going to the beach. What they don’t love is having to schlep all of their stuff. Who wants to carry coolers, bags, towels, and kids down to the beach from a parking spot a mile away. We want to give you tips to find Kure Beach parking in North Carolina so you enjoy your day!

Kure Beach Parking

The good news about Kure Beach is that there is lots of free parking all up and down the beach. The town does their best to make sure tourists and visitors know where to park. No vacationer wants to deal with the hassle of getting a parking ticket or getting their car towed.

You can find an interactive map on the Town of Kure Beach parking below. This map shows visitors all of the available parking spots. The town warns not park at a space with no parking bumper or that isn’t marked as a parking spot. Be sure to follow all signage as it is important to everyone’s safety.

There are dune crossover ramps at Ocean View Avenue, Spotters Court, N, M, L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E Avenues, and Davis Road. Park at any of the lots you find on the map. Then cross over to get to the beach at any of these locations. The town website also suggests that for those looking for access to shower stations, restrooms, and picnic facilities (plus dogs are allowed!), to park at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area instead. This area is just five minutes south of downtown Kure Beach.

If you are planning a beach getaway to Kure Beach, we hope this blog post helps answer your questions about parking. For all you need to know about beaches in North Carolina and around the world, make sure to stay tuned to the Sandy Saltwater blog.

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