Kund Malir Beach

The Balochistan region of Pakistan is abounding with beach options one after another. The beauty of these beaches lies in its unique landscape and scenery. One such prime example is Kund Malir Beach where a dusty desert comes face to face with the Arabian Sea.

Visiting Marvelous Kund Malir Beach in Pakistan

This union of desert and sea is the quintessence of turquoise green waters and golden shorelines – surrounded by giant rocks.

Its golden sandy shores have earned it the well-deserved title of “The Golden Beach”.

Based inside Pakistan’s largest national park, Hingol, this is one of the top tourist locations not only of the region but entire Pakistan.

And that’s not all!

Kund Malir Beach also secures a spot amongst the top 50 Asian beaches. FlightNetwork, the second largest travel website in Canada, has ranked Kund Malir as the 48th most beautiful beach in Asia. It is the only Pakistani beach to have made it to the list.

The website has rated the beach 10/10 for its remoteness. A score of 9/10 has been given to its amazing quality of sand and water and untouched beauty. The list has been carefully crafted by taking insights from over 600 professional travelers. 

Marilyn Gardener, a famous globetrotter, describes Kund Malir in the following words:

“With azure blue water and pristine sand, this beach would be a dream.”

If you are making a trip to Pakistan, Kund Malir is a must-see destination. If you are wondering what you should expect from Kund Malir, here is some scoop into its location, accessibility, facilities, and features. Keep reading to find out interesting details.

Where is Kund Malir Beach?

Kund Malir Beach is located on the Makran Coastal Highway, less than 100 miles from the popular Zero-Point in Las Bela district.

The beach is a part of the Hingol National Park which is reputed as the largest national park of the country. The beach is tucked away at the farthest edge of the park.

The journey is beautiful scenery at its best. On the way to Kund Malir, you will pass through mud volcanoes and massive rock structures. You will also set your eyes on spell-binding mountain passes, also featuring the majestic, Princess of Hope. Princess of Hope is an impressive rock figure stretching across the park along the Makran Coastal Highway. 

How do you reach Kund Malir?

The Golden Beach is a four-hour drive from Karachi. The beach is tucked away in a remote land, so it is pretty much deficient in basic facilities. Things become challenging ahead of Zero-Point, where no water, food, and fuel are available.

However, not all is lost. The roads are well-paved and entirely safe for travel.

Also, many tour companies offer excellent tour packages to Hingol National Park and Kund Malir, which have made things much easier. These are mostly one-to-two-day packages which include air-conditioned transport, free meals, family-friendly camping, bonfire, and much more.

Tours can be booked at http://kundmalir.com/

Lovely Natural Features

In terms of scenic beauty and natural charms, Kund Malir is second to none.

Crystal clear waters in the shade of blue and green and majestic hills and mountains possess unparalleled beauty. The sand on the shores shines like grains of gold under the sun. 

Years of wind and soil erosion have carved impressive figures on the rocks. We bet these rock statues will leave you spell-bound. The shores are decorated with pine trees.

It’s a desert beach which combines three natural wonders at the same place. Towering mountains, a pristine sea, and barren desert all come together to offer the most stunning vistas.  

Remote Wonderland: How to get there and where to stay

Kund Malir is situated in a wilderness which has both pros and cons. Where its remoteness keeps its natural beauty intact, it also creates hurdles for tourists in many forms. There are no restaurants on the way or near the beach, no availability of fresh drinking water, and no mechanics on the roads. If something happens with your car, you are DOOMED. That’s why we recommend traveling with a reputable tour company to avoid troubles.

You have to arrange your own food and water. If you are traveling with a tour company, the arrangements are on them.     

There are no hotels nearby. But, a lot of beach huts are available for tourists to rent. You can find more about the beach huts here: http://kundmalir.com/services/

You can also opt for remote camping if you don’t want to opt for an expensive overnight experience.

Also, a small 20-room hotel is available on the Makran Coastal Highway on your way to the beach. But mind you this isn’t something fancy, and camping seems like the better option in this regard (for westerners). However, you can look at the hotel to see if that will also work for you here: https://www.facebook.com/bbhrkundmalir/

Things to Do Kund Malir Beach

From strolling on the golden shores to swimming in the sea, there are many activities beach lovers would love to immerse themselves in. You can swim, fish, climb rocks, set up camps, enjoy bonfire meals, gaze at the stars, and view sunset and sunrise. Take out your cameras and capture nature in its glory. Capture the pine trees that shade the golden shores. Capture the marvelous colors of the sea.

Also, you will find lots of recreation in the surrounding Hingol National Park. The Princess of Hope, the most impressive feature of the park, is the figurine of a princess wearing a crown and looking far away.  The most mind-blowing feature of this 750-year old rock figure is that it’s not man-made. It purely came into existence as an effect of soil and wind erosion. It is accompanied by the Sphinx, which will give you the Egyptian vibes. The Sphinx is also purely a work of mother nature.

Also, Hingol National Park is home to an impressive number and diversity of flora and fauna. Species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds offer opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife viewing.

Best time to visit this beach

Anytime except the summers is considered a good time to visit the beach.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed reading about Kund Malir. Do you have any questions that you would like us to answer? Let us know in the comments below.