Based in the Seattle area, I spent the last few years working tirelessly to progress my career. Burned out and in desperate need of respite, I decided to plan a short getaway with my mother to visit Kalaloch Beach and the surrounding area. This magnificent location would not disappoint, offering us a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and escape reality.

Arriving at Kalaloch Beach

Located in the midst of Olympic National Park, our adventure began well before we arrived at the beach. Rugged coastlines, tall trees, and winding roads punctuated our journey; we even spotted a large elk herd in a roadside pasture. When we finally arrived, we saw an idyllic beach scene that took my breath away.  Our rental cabin was part of The Kalaloch Lodge, a rustic locale set on a small bluff overlooking the beach. With no Wi-Fi, TVs, or phones, we were perfectly equipped to relax for two days.

The beach was expansive and beautiful, perfect for walkers and runners alike. We enjoyed a few crisp walks along the water, inspecting driftwood and relishing in the ocean mist. The surrounding area also offered a wealth of activities. Other gorgeous beaches dotted the coastline, and many trailheads were easily accessible. We spent the better part of our second day exploring the famous Hoh Rainforest, known for its thick, green moss that carpets everything. We additionally enjoyed leisurely meals at the Lodge’s restaurant with no need to rush in or out. However, our favorite moment was undoubtedly watching an unspoiled sunset from the beach.

While we opted to stay at the Lodge, there are also nearby campgrounds available. The area is remote with minimal cellular service, and the only nearby food options are the Lodge’s restaurant and a small convenience store. Additionally, the National Park service updates their website (see above) with any road, campground, or trail advisories that may impact the area. Finally, I’d recommend bringing a rain jacket and some warm clothes, as the coastal weather can be unpredictable all year!

Kalaloch Beach offered us a unique opportunity to unplug, refresh and enjoy nature. Only a 3-hour drive from Seattle, this is the perfect place to turn off your cell phone, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the view.

Yours in writing,