John Wayne Airport Terminal

If you are planning a trip to Huntington Beach, California, you have several options when choosing an airport to fly in and out of. The airport that is closest and easiest to commute to and from, however, is John Wayne Airport (JWA) in Orange County. Four major US airlines: American, Delta, Southwest, and United, as well as several smaller airlines: Alaska, Frontier, and WestJet all offer flights from JWA. From JWA, Huntington Beach is approximately 11 miles east (or a 25-minute drive) if taking the fastest route per Google Maps. Several types of transportation are offered to and from JWA including multiple cab companies, shuttle services, rental cars, buses and trains, limousines, and private services such as Uber, Lyft, and Wingz. As always, check with your hotel to determine whether they have shuttle service to and from the airport.

Other Airport Options

The next closest airport, technically, is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Located only 38 miles northwest of Huntington Beach, LAX is serviced by many more airlines than JWA, but what should be about a 50-minute drive between the two destinations will typically take 2 or more hours due to the constantly congested roadways in and around Los Angeles County. LAX is also the 3rd busiest airport in the country and 6th busiest in the world. Plan to spend more time checking in, going through security, and waiting for luggage than you would at JWA.

Another option for travelers is LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT) in Ontario, California. Although it is 55 miles northeast of Huntington Beach (about a 1-hour drive), the commute will most likely take less time than it would from LAX. ONT is also a much smaller airport to navigate.

A final option would be Long Beach Airport (LGB) in Long Beach, CA. LGB is a small airport, but offers flights from most major airlines including JetBlue and US Airways. Unfortunately, LGB’s majority of flights are only to and from select cities in the Pacific or Mountain time zones, with the exception of Boston, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, and Austin. LGB is about 18 miles north of Huntington Beach, but like LAX, what should be a 25-minute drive will probably take over an hour during peak traffic.