Sandy feet at the beach

Spending a day at the beach is one of life’s pleasures. Spending a day sitting on the sand, looking out at the ocean is a great way to relax, and escape from everyday pressures. About the only downside to the beach, is sandy towels. However, there is an easy way to get sand out of a beach towel.

Let the towel dry

One of the mistakes many beach lovers make it shaking their towel out while it’s wet. This is the wrong method, hang the towel on the back of your chair and let it air dry.


Once your towel is dry, shake it. Shake out as much sand as you can before you pack up your towel.


Wash your beach towels in cold water. Cold water works best in case there is any sand left. Hot water and beach sand are not a good mix, so play it safe and use cold water.

Alternative method

  1. If you left the beach without air drying and shaking out your sandy beach towels, you can fill a bucket with cold, soapy water and swish your towels in the bucket. This will get most of the sand out.
  2. Next hang the towels on the clothesline or over the fence until they dry.
  3. Finally, wash them in the washing machine.

Keep sand off your towel from the beginning!

An even better solution might be to keep the sand off your beach towel from the start. Check out this helpful video showing a simple solution for keeping your beach towels sand free at the beach.

You now know the proper way to get sand out of a beach towel and a tip for keeping sand off in the first place. Following these simple tips will save you from cleaning beach sand up for the next several months, and it will also help keep the washing machine in good shape. To learn more about the wonderful beach life, contact us.

Or Consider a Sand Free Beach Towel! 

There are some great options for buying sand free beach towels from the start. These towels are great for the beach! That means they are made to dry quick and stay sand free!

Here are a few great Sand Free Beach Towels to check out-