Stormy Beach at Topsail Beach

Have fun in bad weather at Topsail Beach

Topsail Beach, North Carolina is a beautiful vacation destination year round with an “A” weather rating from AreaVibes. With high temperature averages between 70-90 degrees year round, most visitors enjoy plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities.

Typical beach activities, a wide variety of shopping in nearby Wilmington, water parks, movie theaters and more make Topsail an idea vacation destination for families, couples and people of all ages. But what do tourists do when the weather conditions aren’t ideal? Here are some of our favorite tips to enjoy your stay no matter what Mother Nature has planned:

1. Visit the Missiles and More Museum

Rainy day? Need a bit of a break from the hot sun? Everyone loves the Missiles and More Museum with most visitors raving about the interesting pirate tales and the story of the first female trained to fly American military aircraft.

2. Golf

Take advantage of some of the cool mornings with a round of 18 at a local golf course. You’ll be done in plenty of time to still enjoy a day on the beach.

3. Bring Games

When packing your bags, be sure to bring a few board games, a deck or two of cards or even some paper and markers for a game of Pictionary. No matter how beautiful the weather may be, everyone needs a break to head inside from time to time.

4. Pack a Poncho

Most of us see ponchos at sporting events when we are trapped in a stadium with the rain pouring down. Why not bring it along and play in the rain on the beach if given the opportunity? Let your inner child out and enjoy a different type of fun – as long as there is no lightning, of course!