Gulf Shores Alabama

The East coast is home to numerous beach escapes. The ocean waters roll along New England’s cozy shores. But I decided to go down south to find my beach this time. And I found myself falling in love with my home away from home – Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The southern hospitality didn’t end with kind words and friendly nods from strangers. Warm winds and crashing waves of Gulf Shores, Alabama wrapped its arms around me like the most welcoming hug. The middle of May provided complimentary weather to Alabama’s coast, and I became even more eager for the Hangout Music Festival that was to take place on that very beach. Stages were set, and the crowds were piling outside of The Hangout, the local bar and grill that hosts the festival, so I decided to indulge in the south and find a great seafood dish. It only made sense to grab a bite at The Hangout, and it was definitely worth the wait. I loved that they used locally sourced ingredients, and that the seafood came from the gulf. It was only right that I ate a shrimp po-boy (when in Rome, right?) and it did not disappoint.

After my meal I felt fully recharged. I decided it was time to head back to the sand. I met with friends on the shore who had an ice chest of cold beverages, and we found a nice spot a little distance from one of the stages to set up camp. Music filled the air, good times and memories in the making surrounded us, and the temperature was ideally comfortable. We wandered from stage to stage, through the crowds, to see the bands that we wanted, and when we got a too hot, we took a plunge in the waters to cool off. My experience with Gulf Shores, and the Hangout Festival, is one that will be reminiscent for all of my days, and I surely look forward to visiting again soon.