Cocoa Beach Sea Shells

Florida’s Cocoa Beach stretched out for miles in either direction. I buried my feet in the warm sand with a sigh and listened to the sound of the waves quietly brushing back and forth on the shoreline. We were lucky to arrive on a day where the crowd was sparse. Other than the occasional cloud, the weather was beautiful and I lounged about beside my family without a care.

Quick Trip to Cocoa Beach

The beach was an hour drive away from our hotel in Orlando. We came to Florida for the theme parks, but couldn’t pass up a much needed beach day. Cocoa Beach is one of the closest beaches to Orlando. Plus, with a name like Cocoa Beach, I knew it would be wonderful!

When we finally arrived, we drove around the quaint town full of surf shops and restaurants for a moment before parking in a small nearby lot where a few other beach-goers were unpacking. The beach was only a short walk from the parking lot. When we arrived we set up our towels a few steps up from the water.

Between the ocean breeze, the quiet beach, and the warm weather, it was a perfect day. Though Cocoa Beach seemed to be big on surfing, we settled for a quick dip in the water before relaxing under the sun. The sand was ideal for drawing, but we couldn’t manage to build a sand castle without a bucket. Instead, we took lots of pictures and hung around until we started to get hungry.

We left the beach around noon and wandered around town until we spotted a bright orange building called Oasis Shaved Ice. The shop was surprisingly quiet and we were greeted by one of the friendliest employees I’ve ever met. He was more than happy to explain our flavor options, which filled up an entire board behind the counter. I opted for my classic favorite, cherry, while the others grabbed more exciting flavors like Hurricane and Birthday Cake.

We were surprisingly full after the shaved ice, which was delicious. Since we had to drive back, we decided to head back to the hotel, but we left Cocoa Beach refreshed and relaxed with every intention of coming back soon.