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Huntington Beach isn’t just a place where people love to come to surf or spend a day at the beach with their toes in the sand and splashing in the waves. Huntington Beach is also loved by many for the shopping and dining experiences. And for children and anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for the nostalgic, something that makes Huntington Beach special is the unique candy shop—B. Candy.

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Here are the top four reasons to love B. Candy.

  1. Location, Location, Location: B. Candy is located on the Pacific Coast Highway across from the beach. So after a long day of play, or maybe before you head over to the beach, it’s convenient to stop in and grab some ice cream or another sweet treat. Of course there are many other candy shops and chocolatiers in the city Huntington Beach but this is the easiest one for beach-goers to reach.
  2. Shocking Selection: There is something for everyone at B. Candy. They have creative flavors of ice, precious hand-crafted sugar cookies, other handmade baked goods, and bulk candy you can feast on until your heart is content. If there is a candy you crave, they probably have it. Or want to try something you never dreamed of before like Fruity Pebbles flavored ice cream? They have that too!
  3. Great Gifts: Along with all the candy that children love, there is a great selection of toys and gifts at B. Candy as well. But the gifts aren’t just for children either. Various Yelp reviewers rave about French fry patterned socks and bachelorette party trinkets.
  4. The Best Ice Cream in the Area: Yes, we did already mentioned B. Candy has ice cream, but did we mention it was the best ice cream in the area? What goes with a day at the beach better than a cold, sweet ice cream cone? Yelp review after Yelp review shared this place has the best ice cream around.

So if you are on a beach vacation to Huntington Beach, you must stop at B. Candy. The candy shop will not disappoint you. And the only problem you will have is finding enough space in your luggage for all the goodies you score.