Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Any time of year is a great time to get away to Mexico. I have been in Mexico during the winter/rainy season and I have been during the summer. No matter when you go, you can have a wonderful, relaxing, or excursion-filled trip. Recently, I visited Cabo San Lucas with my family. It was a large group of us staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

Our beach vacation to Cabo San Lucas

Before we went, we read about the intense waves and strong undertow at the beaches there. The staff at our hotel warned us not to swim in the ocean. Instead they told us to enjoy the soft, white sand and pools at the hotel. However, those warnings didn’t stop this ocean lover from getting tossed by the waves a few times. The undertow was intense, and in retrospect, it probably wasn’t the smartest choice. The next time I go to Los Cabos, I will make sure to check out one of these beaches mentioned on TripAdvisor so I am sure to be safe.

One amazing excursion I did with my family was take a water taxi out to the famous Lover’s Beach where you can see the beautiful Arch of Los Cabos and enjoy some fascinating snorkeling. According to Expedia,

“El Arco is like the gateway to the ocean and has a majestic appearance, reminiscent of another world. The arch has been carved over time, as rough winds and the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez erode the rocks away.”

Our water taxi offered food and drinks during the trip. When we arrived at the beach we decided to go out and snorkel! We saw some stunningly beautiful fish and corals. Then we spent some time walking around Lover’s Beach and after a rocky scramble made it over to Divorce Beach on the other side of the rock formation. Both were beautiful beaches. However, beware of Divorce Beach’s harsher waves and strong undertow —definitely not the best place to get in the water.

My advice

If you want to enjoy a sunny beach getaway in Mexico, see some breathtaking geological features, and sink your toes into the sand, check out Cabo San Lucas for your next beach vacation. And as always, check out my site—Sandy Saltwater— for all your beach info.