Do Darya Karachi Food Dish

Welcome to Do Darya

Experience recreational dining in the lap of splashing waves, romantic lights, and soft murmurs of the sea. Explore Do Darya with us in this immersive and fascinating article.

There is so much to do at a beach that excites the Aquaphile (someone who loves being in and around water) within us.

From basking in the sun’s glory to bathing in the soothing splashes of water. From walking barefooted hand in hand with a lover to building castles in the sand. And from surfing the waves to riding horses on the silvery sands, we can indulge in exotic pleasures one after another.

Dining by the waterfront with feet immersed in the soft sand is amongst such rich experiences. Clifton Beach in Karachi, also lovingly called the Sea View, strives to offer the same in the form of Do Darya. 

Do Darya is a romantic dining facility nestled between two rivers on both sides. Diners enjoy a variety of national and international cuisine overlooking the glory of the sea. Nearly a hundred eateries have sprung up in the past few years making Do Darya as well as Sea View the ‘talk of the town.’

This riverside food street is what makes Sea View stand out amongst a pool of other beach options. No other beach in Karachi offers an experience parallel to that of Do Darya. 

There are many reasons we love Do Darya and call it the prime recreation at Clifton Beach, Karachi. And, we know the beach lover in you is excited to know them all. So, without further ado, let’s unlock the wonders of Do Darya, Karachi.

Do Darya’s Ambiance

The heavenly ambiance is the heart and soul of Do Darya. The whole atmosphere is an intoxicating fusion of electrifying energy and soft romantic vibes.

Close your eyes for some time and try to imagine. You’re sitting in a restaurant that is surrounded by water from left and right. You look around and find views that make your heart shiver in delight. You wonder, is it real?

Now tell us can anything beat a view like this? We bet your answer is no.

Do Darya is unrealistically charming. Almost all the restaurants are masterfully designed with wooden decks and floors. Then come the romantic yellow lights that make the already beautiful food street look like a little piece of heaven.      

A renowned eatery by the name of Al Sajjad has the most beautiful seating arrangement.

They have a few open-air cabins/seats that are standing within the sea. You can bend a little and feel the water against your palm. Spectacular, to say the least!  

Diverse Cuisine

Who doesn’t love good food? We all do – hopelessly, shamelessly, and with all our heart. Quality food is one of the best luxuries in life, and Do Darya boasts a lot of it. There are delectable tastes, rich flavors, and many varieties of food, mostly seafood, Chinese, Continental, and Pakistani.

If you haven’t tasted Pakistani cuisine yet, we bet you will be hooked to it. Pakistani dishes are known for their rich aroma and the flavorful blend of spices. From barbecue to varieties of rice, you will be tempted to try one dish after another.

If you want to taste the actual street food of Pakistani, head over to “Noorani Katakat at Do Darya.” Katakat is the symbol of Pakistani street food and originated in Karachi. It is a meat dish which includes lamb chops, brain, liver, and many other edible organs cooked in butter.

The quality of global cuisine is also at par with international standards.

And, you will also find toothsome desserts to end your meals most satisfyingly.

Every dish is cooked to perfection in the hands of culinary experts. 

Here is some good news. While this food street may hurt your diet plans a little, it won’t hurt your pockets at all. Most of the restaurants are easy on the pocket, so you can eat without worrying.

A Plethora of Restaurants

This beachfront property houses nearly a hundred options to choose from. There are a few heavily crowded places and also a significant number of spots where the crowds are rare.

Whether you like to have your food in quiet or surrounded by buzz, you will have plenty of choices.

For the busiest restaurants, you will have to make bookings in advance (if you don’t wish to wait for hours). Kolachi (The Spirit of Karachi) and Kababjees are two such restaurants. They are rapidly getting attention, so are mostly found full of people.

Kolachi Restaurant

Kababjees Restaurant

If you are looking to dine in peace while enjoying beach views, we recommend you eat at Echoes. It is less busy than others but serves delicious food nonetheless.

Most of the eateries are also open during the day. So, whether you want to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you are fully covered here. Sajjad Restaurant or Al Sajjad serves their breakfast brunch by the name of “Brunch by the Sea at Al Sajjad Restaurant.”  

There are restaurants like “Mirage,” which is an exclusive buffet restaurant. And then we have “Charcoal BBQ n Grill” famous for its a-la-carte menu of barbecue.

Charcoal Restaurant

Do Darya is why we regard Clifton Beach to be the best beach in Karachi and also at par with world-class beaches around the globe. Visit yourself to see if you agree with us or not, and don’t forget to stop by Do Darya. Because hey what’s the point of coming to Clifton without eating at Do Darya?

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