Cruise Pros and cons

Thinking a cruise may be in your future? Not sure if your travel style is more suited to land or sea? Never fear, beach hopper. Consider these Pros and Cons to Taking a Cruise.

Anchor’s Away!

Destination Everywhere

Cruises are a great way to beach hop. Experience multiple exotic shores in one unforgettable journey. Popular destinations for 2018 include the British Isles, Jamaica, and the European Rivera. Looking to cruise outside the box? Asia has become a much loved destination over the past few years, particular through the Kyoto region of Japan.

Culture Shock

Docking in different countries, cities, and islands provides a rich, diverse cultural experience. The food, drink, and flavor of each location is sure to inspire a sense of adventure and make each beach hopper feel like a world traveler.

All Inclusive

The convenience, simplicity, and affordability of a cruise is appealing to many travelers. On board entertainment abounds for solo nomads, couples, and families alike. Planning an international trip can be expensive and stressful. On a cruise, a friendly crew is available to guide the journey, so you don’t have to lift a finger. See the world from the comfort of your pool chair!

Land Lover

Free Spirit

The primary disadvantage of taking a cruise is limited time and freedom to enjoy each location. Land excursions can be brief, ships keep a tight schedule to ensure everyone is accommodated, and activities are fairly controlled leaving less time to wander. Many travelers prefer to spring for an exotic beach vacation, rather than embark on a multi-destination cruise. The former can be more immersive, as spending a longer period of time in a single location allows travelers to fully experience the destination.

Beware: Pirates Ahead

Don’t lose your gold doubloons to hidden costs on a cruise ship! Tipping and shore excursions come out of pocket. Most cruise ships require passengers to pay for alcoholic beverages, fine dining, and extra activities not included in the basic fee. Small costs can add up quickly and make you feel like you’ve fallen prey to pirates before you even hit shore.

More Than One Way to Beach Hop

Consider some alternatives that will save you money and allow you to captain your own journey. Driving the scenic coast is a great way to visit multiple beaches in one trip. Sonoma Coast is a popular beach drive destination. If you’re looking for a challenge, a bike tour from coast to coast is the perfect balance of workout meets vacation!

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