North Carolina

woman on beach at night
Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Is the Cost of Living in Emerald Isle, NC Truly a Cost?

It is hard not to fall in love with Emerald Isle, NC. Visitors have access to beautiful beaches and great resorts, while still enjoying a quieter, more relaxed feel. This place is quite Emerald Isle the draw. Many people find themselves returning every year, trying to soak up every minute before they have to return home. And many more people love it so much that they decide that they want to stay there forever. Are you one of those people?

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Ocean through long grass
Emerald Isle, North Carolina

What to do in Emerald Isle, NC

The North Carolina Coast offers a rich variety of recreational activities on the water. And the quaint beach town of Emerald Isle is no exception. Emerald Isle has its own charter fishing opportunities, surf camps, sport rentals, and even a private luxurious beach club with weekly and annual memberships available. In addition, visitors to Emerald Isle enjoy both the Atlantic Coast and the sound for fishing, kayaking, and other water sports. Public access to beaches and boat slips is readily available.

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Family walking to the beach
Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Choosing a Vacation Spot: Atlantic Beach, NC versus Emerald Isle, NC

When deciding to take a beach vacation its important to decide what is important to you! Then, it’s helpful to compare your wishes with what is available in various locations. We are comparing: Atlantic Beach, NC and Emerald Isle, NC. For today’s comparison, we are going to assess three main features cost, location and activities. It’s up to you to decide which location is the right one for you!

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Seafood on fancy dinner plate
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Atlantic Beach NC Restaurants: Options from Around the Globe!

Maybe when you think of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina it’s seafood and burgers that comes to your mind. But there’s tons of great food options in Atlantic Beach! Of course, you will find burgers and seafood when you visit the Crystal Coast, but you will also find a wide variety of international options tucked between the seafood, burger joints and fine dining! No need to search, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated options in each food category!

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