Cape San Blas vs Pismo Beach

Road trips are always quite the adventure for our family, especially now that we have seven children to travel with. Driving rather than flying to our vacation destinations gives each of us a chance to explore new landscapes, culture, and a large amount of food. Our children travel well, so we decided to visit two very different beaches in the last few years. We headed to California to visit Pismo beach as well as Florida to visit Cape San Blas. Both destinations were amazing so it is hard to compare. However, we’ll do our best to break down Cape San Blas vs Pismo Beach.

Cape San Blas vs Pismo Beach

Cape San Blas, Florida

The Cape San Blas is located on Florida’s Panhandle Emerald Coast, east of Panama City. This sugar white sand beach is one of the quietest and most secluded locations I have ever vacationed, at least while the kids were asleep. In late August, we rented a beach house directly on the warm, clear waters of the gulf, through Lodging prices range from $200-$500 a night, depending on the size of the beach house. There are no large resorts on this beach, just privately owned homes and one small hotel, the Cape San Blas Inn. A small pod of dolphins greeted us every morning right offshore. The dolphins and rising sun greeted us daily. The food choices in Cape San Blas are slim, but there is a small store with groceries and adult beverages called Scallop Cove. The views from Cape San Blas are second to none.

Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach is along the Central Coast of California, and it is more of a tourist destination. Since it is a tourist destination, the dining options are more than adequate. We thoroughly enjoyed one restaurant in particular, named Hoagie’s. Here, they serve up large portions of fresh seafood, sandwiches, and drinks at great prices. The water is rough and too cold for swimming. There was a crowd at the beach. At least it was too cold when we visited in April. There is a pier that makes for a nice walk, but it is somewhat of a gathering place for beggars. We stayed at a hotel along the beach called The Sandcastle Inn. The rooms are simple, but nice, and they start at around $145 a night. Pismo Beach offers numerous activities for any age group, day or night.

My Pick

All in all, these two beaches were both enjoyable for our family, but if you are looking for pure relaxation, away from it all, Cape San Blas takes the cake.

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