Ponies on assateague island

Whenever you’ve visited the beach, either alone or with a group of friends and family, did it make you want to come back soon? What made the beach so exciting and special for you? Personally, I enjoy the crash of the waves washing against the shore, its pattern creating an imitation of the sound of human breath that oddly calms the mind. A beach is a place to think, to explore and to play. It is a place to enjoy.

Calvert Beach-Long Beach vs Assateague Island

Calvert Beach-Long Beach, Maryland

I grew up less than a mile away from this beach. It’s an old, permanent landmark in my family’s generation. Although it is an old haunt of mine and our entire family has explored just about every inch of Calvert Beach, it still turns up a few treasures now and again!

  •  If you enjoy your “alone time”, the beach is usually not very busy. This allows you to have it all to yourself!
  • There are shark’s teeth hiding amongst the many beautiful shells littered along the sand, but they’re quite rare. Instead, many people make the most of it by scanning for metal with a detector or hunting for colored sea glass and various kinds of shells. (The locals will give you their secret location for finding the most shark teeth)
  • It looks like a lost island from Jurassic Park. The cliffs are covered in green ivy, giving it a forbidden, ancient look that inspires mystery and imagination.
  • There are cool hidden places to explore! The bamboo forest and the secret trail leading up the side of the cliff to get to the most spectacular view of the beach are just a few.
  • There’s plenty to do, whether it’s fishing, kayaking, boating or swimming.

The beach is free, but it’s technically a private beach. You must know someone who lives within the community who has a key to the gate (but that’s only if you wish to use the provided boat ramp straight to the water; otherwise, you can walk past the gate unhindered). There are rules about dogs on leashes, noise, and fishing. There is no provided parking unless you have a key to open the gate.

Assateague Island, Maryland

My husband and I took a day trip out to visit this beach one windy spring day, and it was magnificent. You’ve never seen waves like this in your life (unless you’ve been to Hawaii; which I haven’t!). They were so powerful and tall, we could hardly get very far before they knocked us off our feet! We made a game out of it, and we ended up soaked, tired and laughing by the end of our stay.

  • There really are wild ponies that wander the island beaches! They will boldly wander into human camps, looking for treats and handouts.
  • If bird watching is more your style, the beach has everything to offer in a colorful selection of birds, from scuttling little sandpipers to elegant herons.
  • If you, like my husband and me, prefer to get out there and tackle the waves, I guarantee you hours of fun, along with soaking up the graceful beauty of the waves themselves.
  • There are provided places to change clothes and even clean off with a public water spout. The bathrooms are clean and sanitary.
  • There is a fee to enter the park, but if you are walking in on foot or on a bicycle, it’s free. The park is also open year round, 24 hours a day for non-stop enjoyment!
  • The sand dunes are big and difficult to climb. You are allowed to use an “over-sand vehicle” to drive over the dunes.
  • As far as food, my husband and I didn’t see any restaurants or snack bars, but the beach is in Ocean City, MD so there are great places to choose from when you get hungry!

My Favorite Beach

Overall, both beaches have their pros and cons. However, my favorite beach is the Assateague Island beach. I have wonderful memories of the fun day with my husband! Because of sentimentality, this beach has ultimately won my favor. What gets you to the beach?