Budget Friendly Biloxi Beach

While searching for a laid back, no frills beach experience, one that would be kind on my budget while still providing sun and sand, I stumbled upon Biloxi Beach. Biloxi Beach is a true hidden gem, and with a bit of creativity, it was one of the most affordable beach experiences ever. Welcome to my experience on Budget Friendly Biloxi Beach!

Visiting Biloxi Beach

Knowing that I wanted a laid back trip, I decided to book my stay during mid-May. This was a great choice. The weather was perfect – 70’s and 80’s – and most schools weren’t out for summer break yet. The beach was pretty quiet during the week. Off season includes the middle of May. Thus, we saved a lot of money on our vacation home rental. To create even more savings, we opted to rent a house a couple miles off shore that had a pool in the backyard. This saved us nearly $1000 for an entire week!

Biloxi Beach offered beautiful white sand beaches, and we spent most of the week right on the sandy shores. There was ample free parking. To be honest, it was really nice to have beach access without a souvenir store every twenty feet. We built sandcastles, flew kites, had picnics, enjoyed both sunrises and sunsets, and took many walks on the long, quiet beach.

We visited Biloxi Lighthouse, as well as took a day trip to Ship Island, which did not disappoint. The ferry left Gulfport at 9:30 am, and during the hour long trip, dolphins swam along side us. The water was more active at Ship Island than Biloxi Beach. When we needed a break from the sun, we took a tour of historic Fort Massachusetts. The beach was filled with seashells and lots of crabs. You didn’t have to venture far to see stingrays and jellyfish too!

Biloxi Beach did not disappoint once, and didn’t break the bank, either. We didn’t go too far from the beach and our rental house to have a great, relaxing time while checking sun, sand, and saltwater off the vacation to-do list.