Beach Umbrellas

You’ve booked your trip to the beach and now it’s time to pack. What are the must-have items beach goers all need? Well, one thing that can’t be overlooked is a trusty beach umbrella; it might seem cumbersome and a hassle to carry, or even unnecessary because you want to get a tan…but a beach umbrella is one of the most important things you’ll take to the beach. A beach umbrella provides proper shade and be a refuge from hours in the sun.  This beach essential item helps you to enjoy the beach longer and protects you and your belongings from direct sunlight!

We’ve rounded up the top three beach umbrellas from the top three categories: shade shelters, high-end and economy. Consider the following for your next trip to the beach!

Best Types of Beach Umbrellas

1.      Coleman Shade Shelter: Shade shelters are different from standard beach umbrellas, as they are more of a shaded cave than an umbrella sticking straight into the air. This makes them great for families with small children! This beach umbrella provides a shaded nook for children to nap or play while still enjoying a fun day at the beach.

Coleman Day Tripper Beach Shade

Where to Buy– Look for it at discount stores such as TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. Also, check out Amazon where the Coleman Shade Shelter had high reviews and made several “Top of 2017” lists. It has a reasonable price and it comes from a well-known outdoors brand!

2.      Tommy Bahama: As a beach goer, you may be familiar with the popular higher-end beach and tropics brand: Tommy Bahama. Well, they make a classy and traditional beach umbrella for those looking for something that sticks into the sand securely and provides a wide shade circumference with the option for a tilt. The Tommy Bahama umbrella comes in a variety of colors and has a convenient carrying bag.

Tommy bahama Umbrella

3.      Rio Brands: If you are looking for an inexpensive beach umbrella that provides SPF protection and does the job of giving shade: Rio Brands is for you! This beach umbrella is basic. It is six feet long versus the standard seven and it does not have a tilt feature. However, it does come in a carrying bag and provides SPF50 protection through coating on the underside of the umbrella. Perfect for the traveler who isn’t planning on using the umbrella for years to come, but would like one for a few weeks of vacation time!

Rio Brands SPF Umbrella