Beaches in Karachi

Do you love traveling the world? Are always looking for exciting places to discover? You will be delighted to find out that Pakistan, a country in South Asia, has a lot more to offer than you expected. This amazing country offers exotic food that will make you lick your fingers. The scenic beauty of the Karachi beaches will charm your mind and heart. This country has a vibrant, colorful cultural heritage and its people are exceptionally hospitable. Pakistan never ceases to amaze and entertain.

When it comes to beaches and islands, Pakistan has beautiful destinations to unwind, relax, and have fun in the sun.

Pakistan’s tourism is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. Large numbers of international travelers are making trips to this under-rated south Asian beauty. If you intend to discover this hidden gem, we give you a thumbs up! Since we dedicate this blog to all things sand and salt, we would like to introduce you to some of the most spectacular beach destinations that you can hit during your trip.

Karachi is arguably Pakistan’s most vibrant city. It is home to several lovely beaches. The beaches have golden sandy shores, sapphire blue waters, fancy eateries facing the sea, and a broad spectrum of recreational activities. Visitors can ride horses and camels, swim, jet ski, and much, much more.

If you wish to learn more, keep reading! We’ll discover more about the top five beaches in Karachi, Pakistan.

Now, Our Favorite Karachi Beaches…

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is nestled between Sandspit and Hawkes Bay beaches. It features brilliant blue water and glistening sandy shores with no rocks or coral reefs. This beautiful beach is named for the Green and Olive Ridley Turtles that turn up at the beach for nesting.

The scenic beauty is to die for – the sandy shores are perfect for casual strolls. Also, there are cozy and luxurious beach huts that provide quality picnic locations.

Best Feature:

A chance to catch sight of the rare Green and Olive Ridley Turtles is what gives this beach an edge over many others. If your reason for visiting the Turtle is for the turtles, we wish you good luck. If you plan to visit during the winters, you can expect to find a glimpse of these turtles crawling near the seashore during and after sunset.

Things to Do:

From scuba diving to swimming and jet skiing to picnicking in the huts, this beach never falls short of recreation.

If you are looking for something exciting, try riding on the back of a camel or horse. Rides on the back of colorfully decorated animals are a big hit among the tourists, and we bet you will love this experience.

Paradise Point Beach

On almost an hour-long drive from Karachi lies the magnificent Paradise Point – the most iconic of all beaches in Karachi. The Paradise Point is famous for its sandstone promontory, which is an extraordinary sight for the sore eyes. The rock once possessed a natural arch, but sadly it vanished long ago due to soil erosion. Still, the natural beauty is enough to take your breath away.

Best Feature:

The best thing about Paradise Point is the spectacular sight of the iconic sandstone promontory. The rock structure stands tall, grand, and firm in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

The sun setting and rising above the land rock is a sight straight from heaven. We wonder if that is why the beach is named Paradise Point? Whatever may be the reason, the name does full justice to the natural charms that the beach offers.

Things to Do:

Feasting your eyes upon nature is the prime attraction of this beach. If you are into unusual scenic charms and beach vibes, go ahead and add this beach to your bucket list straightaway. However, if you are looking at Paradise Point from a picnicker’s point of view, the poor condition of the beach huts may disappoint you. There are no proper sitting arrangements for visitors. However, swimming, horse riding, camel riding, and boating are still great options at this beach.

Cape Mount/Cape Monze Beach

Cape Monze is the most pristine beach of Karachi that lies 80 km away from the city. Mount or Cape Monze, also called Ras Muari by the locals, is located near the villages of Mubarak to Yousuf Goth, quite far from the hustles of the urban life. It is best suited for those looking to enjoy some solitude.

And, history buffs will also enjoy soaking in some history of the area. A lighthouse, installed on the beach for navigation purposes during the British reign in 1914, is of great interest to the visitors.

The beach is also home to many water species that have been deemed endangered, including dolphins, turtles, and whales.

Cape Mount Beach is named for a stunning rock structure called the mountain cape. The mountain cape by the sea offers a great place to snap shots of amazing nature photography. So, are you in for taking some Instagram worthy photographs?

Best Feature:

The primary attraction of Cape Mount has to be the solitude and serenity. While most of the beaches in Karachi are littered with (mostly unruly) crowds, this beach stands out for its clean surroundings, pristine waters, and blissful calm.

Things to Do:

You can watch marine life or ride beach buggies. There are places to picnic, sunbath and take leisurely walks. Of course, you can ride horses and camels or fish in nurseries. There is something to suit everyone’s preference.

Sandspit Beach

Sandspit Beach is another fabulous beach destination. The name has been derived from the sand pits that are formed by the Green and Olive Ridley Turtles for burying their eggs. These holes are especially prominent during the summer months. Apart from the rare turtle species, the beach is also home to some other marine species like algae, crabs, and snails. Jellyfish are also visible in the clear waters during the monsoon season lasting July to September.

Best Feature:

Sandspit beach is more well-known for its fabulous swimming opportunities than the sand pits. Sandspit’s shallow waters are excellent for diving into the sea. Swimming is great between October and March. During the monsoon from July to September, swimming or boating must be avoided due to aggressive sea conditions.

Things to Do:

Apart from swimming and sunbathing, you will find many other exciting activities to indulge in – horse and camel rides, picnicking in shelters and beach huts, and nature seeking to name a few.

There is one thing to remember that Pakistan is a conservative country and is not receptive to the idea of women bathing in swimsuits. So, beware – wearing a swimsuit on a public beach may make you feel uncomfortable.

Clifton/Sea View Beach

We would end our list with Karachi’s biggest and the best offering on beach destinations. Clifton Beach, also well-known as the Sea View, is the most highly rated seaside in Karachi. Bustling with opportunities for leisure and recreation, it is the perfect getaway for families and groups of friends.

Neighboring Karachi’s poshest residential area, Clifton, Sea View lies in close proximity to many points of interests including luxurious malls, entertainment centers, parks, and restaurants.

The beach does not offer much when it comes to scenery – pretty much everything is just sand and mud. Nonetheless, the beach is perfect for evening walks with a romantic partner, quality picnic, and dining by the seaside.

Best Feature:

Do Darya, an exotic food destination by the Sea View, is the focal point of the beach. The food street houses several top-notch restaurants offering a wide variety of delicious cuisine.

The ambiance of Do Darya is what keeps tourists pouring in. Do Darya means two rivers; the food street is tucked between the sea on both the sides, which makes for an exceptional dining experience – truly one of its kind.

Things to Do:

Apart from dining by the seashore, the beach offers leisure in many forms. Like other beaches in Karachi there are picnic opportunities. You can ride horses and camels. You can go swimming. And, of course, there are splendid views of sunrise and sunset as well as a beautiful display of floodlights. There’s also the newest addition of tri-motorcycle rides. The tri-motorcycle rides have instantly gained the tourists’ approval with large groups circling the sand ecstatically. You’ll also find fun lands and cinemas around the beach.

Other Beaches in Karachi Options:

When it comes to beaches, Karachi keeps offering us one fantastic beach after another. The above list was just a handful of available options – there is still a lot to discover. However, not all beaches offer the same quality of experience.

However, if you are interested in a few more, Hawks Bay is yet another seaside bustling with hundreds of Karachiites on almost a daily basis. If you are unbothered by the crowds, this beach will capture your interest with all its vibrancy and wide range of recreational opportunities. Also, it is host to some of the rarest reptiles in the world.

Sunehra beach is another beach in Karachi with beautiful golden shores. Sunehra (Golden) Beach has a lot to offer for families with fishing being the most popular. For sightseers, it offers spell-binding visuals of its sunbaked sandy shorelines.

Hope you enjoy a visit to the beautiful beaches in Karachi. If you visit or are planning to visit, let us know about it in the comments section below.

Have a great day!