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Body Surfing North Carolina

If you’re into body surfing, North Carolina is a great place to be! But finding the best beaches for body surfing takes some time. Save that time for the waves and check out these three best beaches for body surfing in the state

1. Duck Pier

If you don’t mind the crowd, Duck Pier is a great spot for body surfing. It’s a popular spot, but worth the crowd. If you can make a trip to the pier in the summer, the surf won’t disappoint. Either side of the pier has waves that can give you a good ride. And because it’s a busier location than some of the other best surf spots, there’s plenty to keep you busy when you’re not riding the waves.

2. Frisco

While Frisco is best known for its waterside forest, it’s a hidden gem for body surfers. The town is located towards the south of Hatteras and is isolated from the chaos of other area beaches. The water isn’t too rough, but is rough enough for you to catch some great waves. The popularity of Frisco Pier may have gone down over the years, but the waves certainly haven’t.

3. Nags Head

When the waves come in, Nags Head is the place to be. It’s a popular surf destination, and the great waves make it ideal for body surfers too. If you want to stay away from the surfers who flock to the area to surf the famous Jennette’s Pier, you can head south. There, you’ll find great waves and fewer surfers.