Beach Vacation Rentals in Karachi

Your Guide to Finding Best Beach Vacation Rentals and Accommodations. We also answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions about visiting the Karachi beaches.

Where to stay in Karachi

Pakistan is a wonderful option to consider for your next travel vacation. If you are thinking about one, you are headed for a plethora of unforgettable experiences.

Pakistan is truly magnificent, in every way: from gorgeous scenery to cultural diversity and amazing hospitality. And, not to forget the vast stretches of sand along the Arabian Sea.

But we hate to admit it, Pakistan is not your everyday tourist destination. For western travelers, cultural differences may be especially daunting. Let’s not forget, Pakistan is a conservative country with the beach scenario strikingly different from that of Bahamas or Miami. Sunbathing in swimsuits? Big NO, NO.

However, not all is lost. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a remarkable beach vacation without hurting the cultural sentiments of the locals.

Whether you are planning a vacation in general or a beach vacation in particular, we are sure a lot of questions pop up in your head regarding the little-known Pakistan and Karachi.

Let us help you find the best beach vacation rentals in Karachi around famous beaches where you can relax in luxury and comfort. Also, in the end, we will answer some questions regarding these beach destinations that are common to almost every foreigner.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.  

Beach Vacation Rentals in Karachi: 

1.    Beach Luxury Hotel/Resort (4-Star):

As its name implies, Beach Luxury Hotel/Resort is one of the most luxurious beachside destinations in Karachi. Overlooking the picturesque Manora Beach and Chinna Creek, this is the only one in Karachi that fits the description of a beach resort.

Surrounded by lush green gardens, this seaside resort boasts a swimming pool, three on-site restaurants, and a world-class gymnasium.

The rooms are decorated with first-class amenities and modern furniture. Some rooms also boast spell-binding views of the sea.

The service offered by this hotel is parallel to that of western standards. Sitting on a prime location, this is the best seaside accommodation one can expect to find in Karachi.

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2.    Ramada Creek Karachi (4-Star):

One of the fanciest hotels in Karachi, Ramada Creek by Wyndham is close to the most famous Sea View Beach and boasts world-class luxury and amenities. Here you will find two on-site restaurants serving a multitude of cuisines ranging from traditional Pakistani to American.

The location is rated excellent due to its proximity to Karachi’s top residential and commercial location DHA featuring shopping outlets, restaurants, and Clifton Beach.

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3.    Hotel Seaview (3-Star):

Hotel Seaview is another beachfront property located on a 4-minute drive to Clifton Beach. This 3-star hotel strives to meet international standards with free WIFI, airport shuttle service, free breakfast, and continental cuisine.

Check out their official website for more details:

4.    Beach Huts near Turtle Beach:

The beaches of Karachi offer an enticing overnight experience in the form of its beach huts. Beach huts are small bungalows facing the sea, most of which are designed to look like real huts. There are also a few huts with the traditional grass-roof style huts.

Turtle, one of Karachi’s most famous beaches, comprises a vast array of huts ranging from luxury to standard in various price ranges. There are three, two, and one-bedroom well-furnished huts with American style kitchens, tiled bathrooms, and private parking.

Picnics, concerts, and water sports like snorkeling, water diving, and jet skiing are enjoyed by the public on a large scale.

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These beach huts are best suited for families looking for reunions or picnics. 

There are also a few quality huts available on Hawks Bay and Sandspit beaches.

5.    New Mashwani Guest House:

New Mashwani is a guest house comprising of rooms which feature views of Clifton Beach. Access to the beach is convenient. Mashwani has a multi-lingual staff; rooms have balconies and terraces, and An Asian breakfast is also served to the guests.

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6.    Dreamworld Resort, Hotel and Golf Course (5-Star):

Though not a beach resort, Dreamworld is one of the most luxurious spots in Karachi to unwind and relax. This resort is one of its kind with its availability of a golf course, water park, outdoor pools, and a snow play area.

Exclusive family events are organized and picnicking opportunities are provided. Amusement is served in the form of a boating lake, archery point, and indoor bowling playgrounds.

Note that Dreamworld is not a beach resort. Accessing the nearest beach, Clifton will also require up to an hour’s drive. But you can still opt for it considering the abundant forms of recreation, especially water sports and water park.

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Which Is the Right Option for Me?

Wondering which option should you choose? Read further.

All the destinations mentioned above have value for money and will provide you with the convenience and comfort at par with the international standards.

Dreamworld Resort, Beach Luxury, and Ramada Creek are considered the top-notch hotels of Karachi in terms of customer service, cleanliness, concierge facilities, and on-site restaurants etc. Also, these destinations are luxuriant in world-class health and fitness centers, spas, and large indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The Seaview Hotel and New Mashwani Guest House, however, are not the most luxurious. Seaview Hotel is a three-star restaurant very close to Clifton. If you are traveling on a budget, Seaview will be the best fit for you.

If you are looking for a cheap property facing the beach, Mashwani Guest should be your pick. If money matters are not a concern, go for the Beach Luxury Hotel.

If you are a large group of vacationers, experience staying in any beach hut for a night. We bet this will be a unique experience that you won’t find elsewhere. Taste the true flavors of a Pakistani beach vacation!     

Extra Booking Requirements for A Foreigner?

Karachi is the largest, most famous city of Pakistan, also the center of the country’s economy; hence, it is not unfamiliar with foreigners.

You have finally entered in Pakistan after getting through the hassles of acquiring a visa. Now there is nothing further you need to worry about before checking into any beach hotel.

There are some no-go areas in Pakistan, but Karachi isn’t one of them. However, some hotels may ask you to show your passport and visa for security purposes while checking in, and nothing else.

What food will I be served?

Restaurants at all the four- and five-star beach hotels/resorts serve varieties of national and international cuisine. In international cuisine, you can expect to find Italian, American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese delicacies. Seafood is also served. Restaurants are serving both buffet and a la carte. Buffet breakfasts, as well as in-room breakfasts, are served.

So, eat to your heart’s content!

What About Alcohol?

Alcohol may be prohibited in Islam, but it is not difficult to find in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. You will be able to lay your hands on a bottle of wine pretty easily. If alcohol is not served where you are staying, you are still free to drink it within the premises of your hotel. 

Language Barriers?

Luckily, language is not an issue anywhere in Karachi. Not just at the reception, you will be able to find English-speaking people everywhere within and outside your hotel/resort.

Isn’t that blissful?

What Should I Wear?

This one concerns our women travelers!

Karachi is one of the most modern, most developed cities of Pakistan. Moreover, the elite class of Karachi is very open-minded itself when it comes to dressing. Hence, it is safe to dress the way you want unless it is a bikini or swimsuit.

You can wear skirts, tops, sleeveless, and you are not required to cover your heads. Make sure you do not wear too revealing clothes since it may make things difficult for you. You may become the center of unwanted attention.   

What Else Should I Take Care Of?

During the holy month of Ramzan, Muslims engage in spiritual and religious activities and avoid things like concerts and music. If you happen to visit during Ramzan, make sure you do not participate in any disrespectful activity.

Also, you won’t be able to find any beach parties, picnics, etc. happening during this month. The only parties you can expect to join are Iftar parties where Muslims gather together to break their fasts. If a Muslim party invites you, you can join them too for finger-licking good food.

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