Riviera Maya Beach Front

Checking into the Blue Diamond Hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, I had the biggest grin on my face. It was my first time to stay at a luxurious, adults-only hotel, free from screaming children, waterslides, and pool toys, and it was going to be a trip I’d always remember. With three pools, unlimited adult beverages, and endless opportunities to snorkel, lay on the beach, and visit the upscale spa, I knew I was in for a treat.

And boy was I right!

Riviera Maya and the Blue Diamond Hotel

Our room at the Blue Diamond Hotel was clean and sleek, with dark wood furniture, hardwood floors, and pure white bedding. Our unit was private, rather jungle-like, and complete with a pool. The only watchful eyes were those of my new best friend, the spider monkey.

After getting situated, we made a few calls, and sent out a few emails on the hotel’s wi-fi system and headed to the beach. Strolling past lush greenery, beautiful flowers, and more than a few monkeys, we finally arrived in paradise. Moments later, a fruity drink in hand, I found paradise. The ocean view was breathtaking at this part of the Riviera Maya, and the beach seemed much less populated. If a secluded vacation was what I was looking for, it was certainly what I received.

Later that afternoon, we dressed and headed to one of the Blue Diamond Hotel’s many restaurants, the beachfront ceviche bar.  As a fan of ceviche, I couldn’t get enough of this casual, yet inviting, restaurant. My only wish was that they offered dinner. However, they did have a dedicated “snack time” from ten at night until seven the next morning. This coincided with the time when the crew made the switch to breakfast.

I went to the spa nearly every day during my visit to the Blue Diamond Hotel. I relaxed under the weight of stones with the Peace Stones Ritual, was wrapped in a coffee and mate mixture to firm my skin, and was exfoliated through a sweet chocolate wrap. I meditated and stretched by body with a daily yoga class, feeling stronger each morning.

At the Blue Diamond hotel you can find the peace, tranquility, and happiness you’re seeking. In this case, one doesn’t have to look hard to find them.