Folded beach towels

The difference between beach and bath towels is twofold. Bath towels are much denser and designed for quick and daily use while beach towels are thinner, allowing them to dry out more quickly for repeated use over the course of a single day. In addition to the weight disparities, size is the most noticeable difference between bath towels and beach towels. We’ll begin our exploration of beach towels vs bath towels by discussing the three most common sizes of quality beach towels and why shoppers should consider the various sizes.

Beach Towel Size

Small. The smallest size acceptable for a beach towel is between 60 and 66 inches long with a standard width of 34 inches. These towels are compact and quite easy to pack in multiples of you are planning for a crowd at the beach. Not ideal for sunbathing, a small beach towel is still great for draping over a beach chair without worrying about the excess resting in the sand or water. Small beach towels are also great for children as larger sizes become cumbersome and difficult for youngsters to use.

Medium. The most common beach towel size is 68 inches long and shoppers will find that most towels fit this dimension. Although unable to accommodate very tall sunbathers, this size is suitable for most adults and is also large enough for two people to picnic upon if needed.

Large. Recently, retailers have begun marketing king sized beach towels that are wider than standard and in excess of 70 inches. These towels are a refreshing choice for consumers that frequent the beach as they function both as blanket and towel. When bathers wrap themselves in these enormous towels they feel enveloped and comforted. Although the benefits are numerous for purchasing the largest sized beach towel, keep in mind that these mammoths are prone to dragging and users may notice that corners are often wet or sandy. A large towel requires more care at the beach to keep it clean and functional but conscientious beachgoers will be rewarded for their attention if they appreciate the benefits of the larger size.

Conclusion: Beach Towels for the Beach!

Regardless of what size you choose, when you’re in the sand, a beach towel will always function better than a bath towel. Choosing the right towel can make or break a day at the shore and buying a quality piece at the proper size for your needs will save you money in the long run. Happy shopping!