If you have ever done yoga at the beach, you have probably encountered a number of things. Along with the serenity of doing your flow to the soothing sound of the waves, you might have noticed a few obstacles that you don’t have in the studio—the main one being the sand. Not only is sand uneven and challenges your balance, but it sticks to just about everything! If you want to enjoy some yoga on the beach but need some help with that sand problem, Sandy Saltwater has some answers for you. It all starts with a great beach towel yoga mat.

What is a Beach Towel Yoga Mat?

At Sandy Saltwater, we love beach towel yoga mats because they are so large and versatile. Check out some of our promoted beach towels here. Most yoga beach towels are round which is so helpful for doing yoga on the beach. You are able to have more freedom of movement without falling into the sand. Although the trend started in Australia, they are becoming more and more popular in the States. And we have some incredible sales on our website on yoga mat towels that you won’t be able to pass up. Yogis (and non yogis) are loving the round beach towel concept.

But Why Are They Round?

A round beach towel just offers you so much more space than a traditional rectangle towel. When you are done with your up-dogs and down-dogs, you can cozy up with your family and friends on that same towel for a picnic and still have plenty of space. And if you’ve ever tried taking your normal yoga mat to the beach, surely you quickly found out what a mistake that was when you were brushing sand off your yoga mat for weeks to come.

Check out our round beach towel yoga mats with beautiful patterns and hopefully you can enjoy some beach yoga in the near future!