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The Outer Banks are one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. But don’t rule out Atlantic Beach! This is a popular destination for many North Carolinians. The truth is that they are unique in nature and both offer wonderful experiences, the decision is up to you (with the help of some background from us!)

The Outer Banks Vs. Atlantic Beach, NC

The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are famous barrier islands located between the coast of the United States and the Atlantic Ocean. There are many cost effective options for flying into North Carolina. You can fly into: Raleigh, NC, Virginia Beach, VA, Jacksonville, NC (to name a few major airports) and then rent a car or take an air charter for an exceptional experience!

Completely surrounded by water, The Outer Banks have a special ambiance. This location offers both seclusion and beauty. So, it just may be your best choice for avoiding the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

As far as places to stay, The Outer Banks has many opens from camping to large rental homes, as it is a major tourist destination. There is something for everyone.

Fine dining steakhouses as well as ice cream and burger stands can be found in The Outer Banks, there truly is something for everyone, which makes it a perk for tourists.

If you are looking to learn a new skill, take a lesson at The Outer Banks Surf School or explore the lighthouses of Cape Hatteras, maybe spend some time in a National Park and visit the Wright Brothers’ National Memorial.

Atlantic Beach

South of The Outer Banks, Atlantic Beach is on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and boasts local charm and a bit less tourism than the famed Outer Banks. That is not to say it lacks things to do, or charm, more importantly, the prices are a tad more local and a bit less tourist!

There are several airports close to Atlantic Beach. Look into Raleigh, NC, Wilmington, NC and Jacksonville, NC to compare flight prices. In addition, there is no need to take a charter or ferry and there is ample parking available to visitors.

Hotels range in price from under $100 to over $200 a night, depending on what you are looking for; maybe you are looking to rent a beach house and that is a possibility, too!

Restaurants are abound in Atlantic Beach, NC. This is due to the fact that people live there year-round.

Looking for a unique experience? Try visiting Fort Macon for some history and a hike, or drop by the local farmer’s market to pick-up some fresh produce or a handmade gift. If you’re looking for a traditional beach day, check out watersport rentals to quench your desire for adventure!

Where do you plan to go on vacation?

Ultimately, both destinations offer a wonderful vacation, compare both and decide what best fits your needs!