Dog on the beach

Good News for Dog Lovers: Atlantic Beach Loves Dogs too!

Want to bring your four-legged friend with you on vacation? Then head to dog friendly Atlantic Beach, North Carolina! Like anything, the City of Atlantic Beach does have regulations but they are manageable and understandable.

  1. Leashes! Your dog must be on a leash that does not exceed 12-feet in length, unless you are both in the water swimming.
  2. Clean Up! You must clean all pet waste and dispose of it.

Both stipulations are simple to abide by and makes it easy to bring your dog to the beach with you. For a complete list of the pet regulation, visit the official City of Atlantic Beach website.

Dog Friendly Restaurants?

All right, so you took your pup to the beach all day and now the two of you are hungry. We can’t promise they’ll have a doggy menu, but we can promise they will have room for your pal to rest while you eat at the following restaurants:

  1. Shark Shack is a casual spot for burgers and fries that has pet-friendly outdoor seating available.
  2. The Boardwalk Café offers a range of local seafood and hours from breakfast to dinner—outdoor seating is available and welcomes pets!
  3. The Dock House not only welcomes dogs to their outdoor seating area, but in their indoor balcony area as well. Some reviewers of The Dock House have also mentioned that their dog was given treats and water without asking! Eat indoors or enjoy a drink from the bar and relax outside with your dog, either way you are sure to feel welcome in Atlantic Beach, NC!

In addition, there are many pet-friendly vacation rentals in Atlantic Beach, NC. Generally speaking—Atlantic Beach is a friendly beach town so don’t hesitate to ask if you can bring your dog along. Because chances are, your pup will be accepted!