Venice Beach

Strange, artistic and full of life—that is Venice Beach, California in a nutshell. While I was admiring the scenic beach with gorgeous palm trees, I saw random people in strange costumes that were posing with different tourists. One short gentleman wearing an animal print speedo with a caveman club walked towards my friend and me. We enjoyed socializing with him because of his charismatic personality. By the end of our conversation, he asked us for a tip. I later found out that providing cash to these different boardwalk characters is the expected norm and is a courtesy.

Nearby, I saw the Los Angeles Calypso Tumblers performing impressive tricks and stunts on the street surrounded by huge crowds. I noticed how diverse Venice Beach was because every demographic was there.

Then my friend and I walked to the famous Muscle Beach Gym where bodybuilders put on a display to show off their massive muscles.

Now I would like to share advice and tips from my personal experience. Plan to arrive before noon if you go on a Saturday because it can be chaos trying to find parking on such a busy day. You can get free street parking near residential areas behind the beach if you leave early enough. That is where I parked in my rental car. You can also try this interactive ParkMe App to find the best Venice Beach parking based on the date and time you will be there.

This next advice might be common sense for some people. Wear flip-flop sandals when walking across the sand on the beach if your trip is in the summer. The hot sand felt like lava to our feet so we ran as quickly as we could towards the beach ocean to cool off our feet! That experience is funny now, but it wasn’t funny back then.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

The beach boardwalk is where I experienced the Los Angeles culture, the people, and the energy. Go to the boardwalk to grab a bite to eat and to enjoy the live action in the crowd. According to the Venice Beach Survival Guide 101, “Bring plenty of $1 dollar bills when you walk along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. If you watch an entire performer’s show or appreciate an artist’s work, please leave a tip. They work very hard to make your stay enjoyable at Venice Beach.”

The best part about Venice Beach is that there is something new happening each day. I look forward to future adventures. I have to go back!