2019 is your year to make self-care a priority! Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need a Solo Beach Vacation.

Restore, Revive, and Renew

The ocean is a place of rebirth. As gentle tides collect the old and bring in the new, so too do our souls embrace change. A solo beach trip is the perfect opportunity to practice restorative yoga. Begin your routine with Tadasana — or mountain — pose, trying the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Inhale through the nose for four seconds, hold for seven, and exhale through the mouth on eight. Reflect on your own positive growth while inviting in new and exciting opportunities. Other beach ready poses include side stretch, pigeon pose, and forward fold. Not quite confident in your form? Bring a book of restorative yoga poses along as a guide. Keep your yoga focus centered around healing and relaxation.

The Solo Wanderer

The popularity of solo travel has grown over the past few years as more and more people realize you are your best travel buddy! Travel need not fall into the box of vacation and all of its inherent stresses. Consider instead a journey for the spirit. Lone travelers can take the opportunity to be selfish. Enjoy an extra hour’s sleep, catch up on some good reads, take an early morning jog, or grab a breakfast mimosa all to yourself. Traveling alone can build confidence and self-reliance. Most importantly, solo traveling gives us the rare opportunity to be ourselves so that we can return to the world refreshed, well-rounded, and ready to conquer whatever life has in store.

Seafaring Adventure

Traveling alone means you can challenge yourself. Try something you’ve never done before. If it scares you a little, even better! Consider surfing California’s infamous mavericks or embarking on a boating trip. The possibilities are endless. Plan your bigger activities in advance and leave room for a few spontaneous excursions along the way. Wherever you go, go boldly.

We hope this blog helps convince you to plan a solo beach vacation. Still not convinced? There are many budget friendly beach options for the lone wanderer to explore! Take a closer look at Sandy’s Shores.